Endangered Manning River turtle hatchlings spotted in NSW after four years of surveying

Endangered Manning River turtle hatchlings have been spotted in the wild for the first time since surveying for the freshwater species began in 2019. Key points: The species is at risk from declining habitat, predation and seasonal impacts, including bushfires and floods The hatchlings give researchers an indication about the endangered species’ nesting and breeding … Read more

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists dugong populations in East Africa as critically endangered

Dugongs in East Africa have been listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which has added more than 3,000 species to the red list this week. Key points: The new listings were announced during the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity The union says it will take political will to … Read more

Robbins Island wind farm proposal approved on condition of 5-month annual shutdown due to orange-bellied parrots

A contentious wind farm proposed for Tasmania’s north-western tip has been given the green light from the state’s environmental watchdog, but under the condition that it does not operate for almost half the year. Key points: A proposed 900-megawatt wind farm in Tasmania is in the migration area for the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot species … Read more

Endangered Gouldian finch returns to Lee Point, prompting campaign to stop Defense Housing Australia development

Nestled in a coastal corner of Darwin’s northern suburbs lies a patch of bushland that’s become the new home of a tiny, endangered bird. Local twitchers believe the Gouldian finch migrated north to Lee Point in search of better habitat and breeding grounds. Flocks of Gouldian finches have made a surprise appearance at Lee Point, … Read more

More plains-wanderers released in Riverina despite critically endangered birds dead, missing from last trial

Fifteen critically endangered plains-wanderers have been released in south-west New South Wales, despite some birds from the last flock released being killed or going missing — presumably eaten. Key points: Fifteen critically endangered plains-wanderers have been released in south-west NSW Four birds died and three went missing during the last Riverina trial New satellite technology … Read more

Rockhampton Zoo’s chimpanzee troupe conquers odds to become vital for species’ survival

A baby chimpanzee hangs, one-handed, from the mesh roof of a large zoo enclosure while her mum keeps watch from the top of a tree branch nearby. Another small chimp swings wildly through ropes and disappears into the sparse foliage in the enclosure. These chimpanzees, and their four-year-old sister, are the darlings of this central … Read more

Scientists plan the resurrection of an animal that’s been extinct since 1936 :: WRAL.com

By Katie Hunt, CNN Almost 100 years after its extinction, the Tasmanian tiger may live once again. Scientists want to resurrect the striped carnivorous marsupial, officially known as a thylacine, which used to roam the Australian bush. The ambitious project will harness advances in genetics, ancient DNA retrieval and artificial reproduction to bring back the … Read more

Koala sighting near Lithgow raises hopes of unmapped colony after Blue Mountains bushfire destruction

Unexpected sightings of koalas near the Blue Mountains have given hope that a disease-free colony is recovering after the Black Summer bushfires. Key points: A koala has been spotted near Lithgow, the first reported sighting in the area for five years Researchers say the sighting raises hopes for the species’ survival following the Black Summer … Read more

Critically-endangered Capricorn yellow chat given a fighting chance by graziers’ soft touch

Central Queensland’s Shoalwater Bay may be better known as a military training ground for human conflict, but nearby graziers and conservationists are fighting for the survival of a unique species. Key points: Shoalwater Bay graziers’ work protects the critically endangered Capricorn yellow chat There are only about 250 birds left in the wild and conservationists … Read more