Nation knows it’s Biden’s fault and other commentary

Neocon: Nation Knows It’s Biden’s Fault “Inflation is everyone’s priority,” notes Noah Rothman at Commentary – and if “today’s dire circumstances” should “become an existential emergency,” then the blame. . . is likely to fall squarely on the party in power. ” That’s despite President Biden’s “simplistic, monocausal rationale” blaming “Putin’s price hike.” “The president’s … Read more

How to end the Ukraine war before Western allies give up

As Russia lays cruel siege to Severodontesk, as the death toll rises and the atrocities drag on, it’s time to ask: How does this war end, or at least reach a cease-fire? Morally, Vladimir Putin deserves to keep none of his territorial gains. That goes back to his earlier seizure of Crimea and moves into … Read more

Chinese-language publisher offers election candidates gushing praise on WeChat. But the flattery comes with a price tag

A mysterious media agency is behind a fee-for-service offering to federal election candidates, including Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, placement of favorable news articles and interviews on the Chinese-language social media platform WeChat. Key points: Australian Financial News (AFN) is one of the most prolific publishers of election content on WeChat It has clients across the political … Read more

Delusions of accused Buffalo shooter are reverse of reality

Accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron says he was inspired by New Zealand’s Brenton Tarrant, united in a belief called the “great replacement theory.” Fueled by the darkest corners of the Internet, this is a delusion that white people are being diminished, and that violence should be used to purge other races from society. It’s racist, … Read more

Patti Lupone’s hypocritical privilege makes her a mask Karen

Chalk up one more celebrity COVID hypocrite: musical theater great turns out to be a (maskless) ranting mask Karen. A viral video shows the Tony and Grammy winner screaming “get the f – ck out” at a patron for refusing to mask up after a performance of “Company” at the American Theater Wing. Yet LuPone … Read more

Fears of recession are everywhere – except the White House

With prices soaring, labor shortages, the Ukraine war raging, supply-chains snarled and interest rates now set to rise, fears of a looming recession are everywhere. Except, of course, at the White House – which is in utter denial. Just like it was about inflation. “‘Inflation shock’ worsening, ‘rates shock’ just beginning, ‘recession shock’ coming,” blared … Read more

Putin shrugs off financial sanctions as ruble rebounds

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is earning more from its energy exports than it was before it invaded Ukraine, and the ruble has bounced back to its prewar value. Tell us again about those “crippling” sanctions. Yes, President Joe Biden on Friday signed two bills expanding US financial restrictions on Russia, and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan … Read more

Do not believe any of what China says about Putin’s Ukraine war

Beijing is pretending to play neutral on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but the giveaway is how the Chinese Communist Party has the entirely state-controlled media echoing Russia’s propaganda. The orders plainly went out – as a quickly deleted message on Horizon News, a social media account under Beijing News, accidentally revealed: “No posts unfavorable … Read more

NY Gov. Hochul’s shameful move to try to save Dems’ unconstitutional voting map

Judge Patrick McAllister last week did the right thing by rejecting New York’s blatantly gerrymandered new congressional and legislative maps and ordering the Legislature to draw new ones that win support from both political parties. Since the Democrats’ maps illegally disenfranchise GOP voters, despite the clear intent of the state Constitution as expressly amended by … Read more

The West needs to end its reckless war on energy

Maybe now the West will wake up to the foolishness of its war on energy, which has left it badly dependent on the Kremlin Killer and other scum for oil and gas. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating ginormous energy-related headaches for Europe, with Germany moving to ration natural gas amid looming shortages, along with … Read more