European judges to be stripped of Northern Ireland Protocol powers under new Brexit law

There is, however, thought to be a large section of Tory MPs who voted to stay with the EU but will back the Bill provided it is shown to be lawful. On Sunday, Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland Secretary, sought to reassure them as he pledged the legislation would not breach international law and that … Read more

EU must agree to renegotiate Northern Ireland Protocol or cause indefinite chaos

“The DUP are refusing to nominate because they’ve got a mandate through the election, as the largest party in unionism, not to nominate until the Protocol is resolved. And at the moment, the Protocol, which the EU claims is about protecting the Good Friday Agreement, is the very document putting the Good Friday Agreement most … Read more

The Northern Ireland Protocol is destroying the Good Friday Agreement

Twenty five years ago next year, John Hume and I signed the historic Good Friday Agreement which, thank God, ended 40 years of a terrorist campaign that caused tens of thousands of injuries and deaths and billions of pounds of economic damage to Northern Ireland. The agreement was not perfect, it faced opposition from many, … Read more

Sinn Fein says Northern Ireland will ‘not be held to ransom’ over the Protocol

Ms O’Neill said: “Brinkmanship will not be tolerated when Northern Ireland becomes collateral damage in a game of chicken with the European Commission. Responsibilities for finding solutions to the Protocol lie with Boris Johnson and the EU. But make no mistake, we and our businessmen here will not be held for ransom. ” Ms O’Neill, … Read more

The NI Protocol lacks democratic legitimacy and must be removed

No longer can anyone stand at the Despatch Box and argue that the Protocol is protecting peace and stability in Northern Ireland. The people have spoken. Every Unionist candidate standing in the election opposed the Protocol. Forty per cent of all cast votes were explicitly for anti-Protocol parties – 360,000 in total. Northern Ireland’s peace … Read more

Victory for Sinn Fein stokes fears of a united Ireland

Mr Johnson, speaking on Friday before the result was known, hinted that he might take a tougher line with Brussels on renegotiating post-Brexit border checks for goods moving into and out of Northern Ireland. The Prime Minister said: “The most important thing is that we continue to support the balance of the Good Friday Agreement … Read more

Christopher Stalford: DUP left ‘devastated’ after politician dies aged 39 –

Christopher Stalford: DUP left ‘devastated’ after politician dies aged Christopher Stalford: DUP MLA dies suddenly aged 39Evening Standard Christopher Stalford: Northern Ireland politician dies aged 39, DUP saysSky News Sam McBride: Steeped in politics from his teens, just days ago Christopher Stalford had been given good news …Belfast Telegraph Tributes paid to DUP politician … Read more