Katherine facing cold weather snap that could see one of the coldest July days on record

One of the coldest July days in recorded history looks like it is about to be set in the Northern Territory in the middle of the dry season. Key points: Cold weather warnings have been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology A senior meteorologist says chilly temperatures and rain forecasts are “quite unusual” for this … Read more

Remote NT food prices skyrocket, worries for health of communities

Residents of a remote community in the Northern Territory are paying as much as $ 74 for a jar of coffee and the price of fresh milk has reached an all-time high of more than $ 8 for two liters. Key points: Increases in fuel and freight costs are significantly impacting remote communities In one … Read more

Court reopens, witnesses start publicly giving evidence in rape trial of NT police officer

The rape trial of a Northern Territory police officer has heard the accused was spoken to by a colleague about his relationship with the alleged victim, before “inappropriate behavior” allegations were raised. Key points: Patrick Carson has pleaded not guilty to two charges of sexual intercourse without consent The trial has been closed to the … Read more

Australian study aims to uncover mystery of extreme period pain in young people

Roughly half the world’s population suffers from it every month, but even today mystery still surrounds period pain. Key points: More than 80 per cent of teenage girls have experienced period pain Researchers are trying to understand why it’s more severe for some They’re currently recruiting participants in the Northern Territory How can some people … Read more

NT ICAC failed to offer procedural fairness to Darwin Turf Club board member in investigation into $ 12 million grandstand grant, court finds

The Northern Territory’s anti-corruption watchdog failed to offer procedural fairness before making findings of improper conduct in a major corruption investigation, the Northern Territory Supreme Court justice has found. Key points: The ICAC made adverse findings against the Darwin Turf Club board and five individuals in its investigation into a grant awarded to the club … Read more

Crocodile frying pan attack prompts safety advice amid Northern Territory tourism season

An outback pub owner’s feisty encounter with a crocodile – fighting it off with only a frying pan – has prompted warnings for tourists flocking to the Northern Territory this dry season. Key points: The 3.5-meter crocodile tried to attack the public south of Darwin Tourists and locals are being warned about crocodile safety More … Read more

Illegal foreign fishing crews blamed for killing protected turtles on Australian islands

There are growing concerns about Indonesian fishermen illegally killing and eating protected turtles off Australia’s northern coast, with authorities confirming eight animals have been found slit open with their eggs removed. Key points: Eight female green turtles have been discovered with eggs removed on islands off northern Western Australia Indonesian crews illegally fishing in Australian … Read more

The underground world of blachan in the Northern Territory where recipes are top secret

A drive out of Darwin and into the heart of the city’s suburbia, a peculiar smell drifts out of a home and it’s drawing in the flies. “It’s like a real dead fishy smell,” said Mark Motlop, who cooks the spicy condiment, blachan, from his home in Wulagi. “But when you start to cook it … Read more

PFAS chemical contamination at Katherine spreads as Defense removes soil

The Department of Defense says a chemical associated with various cancers and other health problems is continuing to spread more than half a decade after it was found to be leaching into the Katherine township’s drinking water. Key points: PFAS chemicals were used in firefighting foams at Australian defense bases until the early 2000s The … Read more

Deborah Mason granted bail after allegedly helping son hide woman’s body following Darwin hit-and-run

A woman accused of helping her son attempt to hide the body of a woman killed in an alleged hit and run near Darwin has been granted bail. Key points: Police launched a search after a human leg was found on the side of the Stuart Highway Days later a body was found and Deborah … Read more