Cattle farmers in Queensland rejoice amid a deluge of wet weather with rainy prospects into December

Queensland’s large wetlands are expected to remain until December, and while welcome for cattle farmers, others in low-lying areas of central Queensland fled their homes overnight during floods. The Bureau of Metrology’s (BOM) seven-day forecast shows no dry days ahead for Queensland. The rain will peak in the southeast today as a trough over the … Read more

Coffee and tea associated with lower risk of stroke and dementia in 11-year study

Photo: Christopher Furlong (Getty Images) New research this week suggests that a tea or coffee habit in your later years may help your brain stay in top shape. The study found that healthy older adults in the UK who regularly drank coffee and / or tea were less likely to develop stroke and dementia over … Read more

How to get wheat and other crops

Stardew Valley, WHO?Screenshot: Nintendo Being able to cook and grow new crops are some of the biggest changes in the new update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can make all kinds of dishes and even ordinary do-it-yourself recipes. There is only one problem. Most of these new delicious recipes requires items we’ve never seen … Read more

Power failure, extensive damage as second hailstorm in two weeks hits Riverland

Homeowners, growers and business operators are once again counting the costs after a hailstorm smashed the Riverland and Murray Mallee regions for the second time in just over a week. Key points: Winds of up to 100 km / h Renmark brings down trees Growers report significant damage to vines The SA government says funding … Read more

Storms hit regional South Australia, damaging schools and causing extensive flooding and hail

Another eruption of wild weather has swept across southern Australia and has brought lightning floods, devastating winds, hail and power outages to large parts of the state. Key points: The storm moves from Whyalla across the central north and into the river basin Most of the 120 emergency calls come from Riverland Hail gives rise … Read more

‘Genetic goldmine’ in the earth’s toughest desert could be the key to feeding the future

It’s not easy for life in Chile’s relentless Atacama Desert: a rugged, hostile place known for being the planet’s driest non-polar desert. But against the odds, life somehow survives in these barren badlands, which have a history of farming that stretches back thousands of years. Identifying the mechanisms behind these unlikely successes is a task … Read more