Once a prime minister’s authority disappears, the end can be swift and brutal

There is an old Whitehall story, probably apocryphal, about a minister who was not very well-liked by his officials who gave an important political speech to a high-ranking body. Not long afterward in his speech, he turned over a sheet of paper that read, “You are alone now boyfriend.” The rest of what he imagined … Read more

Callow’s cabinet secretary is blamed as Boris Johnson’s popularity hits the lowest ever

It is understood that Boris Johnson is personally to blame for the recent problems, and senior figures in Downing Street believe that criticism of Mr Case and other key aides has been misplaced. But other government sources claimed that there was an atmosphere of helplessness in his administration, with some claiming that Mr Case was … Read more

Businesses and Tory donors are attacking ‘high-tax economy’ after the Prime Minister’s speech

Despite growing calls among business leaders to lower taxes, Tory donors said they do not get the impression that change is on the way. A Tory donor, who asked not to be named, said he feels so “deeply, painfully disappointed” by the current management that his checkbook is now “closed” and he believes that “four-fifths … Read more

Latest news on politics: Statements of no confidence in Boris Johnson are ‘Westminster idiots’, says Deputy Prime Minister

For anyone who remembers the dark and very, very long days when Parliament was paralyzed over Brexit, where letters of no confidence sent in feel like an all too familiar moment. But the situation for Theresa May was far more bleak than it is for Boris Johnson. First of all, the majority of the current … Read more

Conservatives formally protest against COVID-19 vaccination rules on Parliament Hill

OTTAWA – Two Conservative MPs on the committee, who imposed a COVID-19 vaccination mandate on Parliament Hill, unveiled the vote, revealed on Tuesday when their party formally protested the way the rule was imposed. Conservative whip Blake Richards said he and Conservative House leader Gérard Deltell abstained when the Internal Economy Board last month ruled … Read more

Team Boris in the spotlight

When politicians are openly ridiculed in this way in prime time, it’s time for concern. And lots of conservatives are now obviously doing just that. The problems for Johnson started three weeks ago when a plan to try to revise the way MPs’ behavior is monitored was derailed by his attempts to save Owen Paterson’s … Read more

Letters of no confidence have been sent to Boris Johnson, Tory MPs claim

There was also no public support from Downing Street for Lord Hague’s idea of ​​creating a so-called “inner cabinet”, which David Cameron had, to help guide Mr Johnson on major political decisions. The chase for who was behind the quote from a “senior Downing Street source”, reported by the BBC, saying there was “concern” in … Read more

People may have to sell their homes to pay for social care, Boris Johnson admits

The majority of the government was cut to 26 after 19 Tories revolted and many more abstained from voting on the controversial amendment, which would stop needs-tested support, which counts in the £ 86,000 ceiling on care spending. Critics warned that the move would cost less affluent retirees more in wealth than richer retirees. In … Read more

Vaccination policy dogs Erin O’Toole as conservative MP tests positive for COVID-19

OTTAWA – Promises to follow all public health guidelines on vaccines were not very political for federal conservatives Monday, as parliament resumed with a cloud of suspicion still hovering over the party’s approach to COVID-19. The fully vaccinated Conservative MP Richard Lehoux was diagnosed with COVID-19 over the weekend, quickly becoming political ammunition for rival … Read more

Peppa Pig is a symbol of Global Britain, despite being rejected by the BBC, claims Boris Johnson

PPeople may be forced to sell their homes during the changes to the social care ceiling, a minister admitted this morning amid a brewing revolt on the back table. MEPs will today vote on Boris Johnson’s reforms of social care, which will introduce a £ 86,000 ceiling on costs from October 2023. However, the government … Read more