How real is the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine? | Conflict news

Kiev, Ukraine – As early as January, the Kremlin could trigger a “short and victorious” war against Ukraine, a top military expert has told Al Jazeera as world leaders and international bodies weigh the possibility of such a conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin wants his troops to reach the Dnieper River, which dissects Ukraine, seize … Read more

Destiny 2 Anniversary Pack adds the infamous Loot Cave Dungeon

Screenshot: Bungie Steam overview for Fate 2‘s upcoming Bungie 30th Anniversary Package celebration of the studio’s history recently revealed that the game’s large new dungeon will be a return to the most famous moment in Fate history: the exchange cave. Set to go live on December 7 for players purchasing the $ 25 mid-season update, … Read more

Giant shouting insults at Hanukkah party bus in Oxford Street – Evening Standard

Giant shouting insults at Hanukkah party bus in Oxford StreetEvening Standard Hate crime investigation when men filmed spitting on a bus full of Jewish passengersSky News A group of men filmed spitting on a bus full of Jews on Oxford StreetThe independent Anti-Semitism on Oxford Street: A shocking video shows men giving Nazi salutes to … Read more

Russia plans ‘aggressive move’ against Ukraine, says Blinken | Conflict news

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Washington ‘will be ready to act’ if Russia invades Ukraine. Russia plans to make “significant aggressive moves” against Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned as tensions between Washington and Moscow continue to rise ahead of a summit this week. After a meeting of NATO ministers … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Pause Screen Glitch rejects smoke grenades

Screenshot: SHE It’s time to reset the clock on days without a fault being detected in Battlefield 2042. The latest bug found in the first-person shooter allows players to use the in-game menus to undo the effects of smoke grenades. Read more: DICE forgot to build collision in Battlefield 2042 As noted by Game radar, … Read more

‘Any major Australian city within range of Chinese missiles’: Peter Dutton warns

Defense Secretary Peter Dutton has described China’s militarization as “alarming” and claimed that there was a “significant disruption” between the “super words and actions” of the Asian superpower. All Australian cities are vulnerable to a Chinese missile attack, Defense Secretary Peter Dutton has told the National Press Club. In a speech on Friday, Mr Dutton … Read more

Ethiopian Prime Minister promises victory in front-line video: State Media | Conflict news

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has promised victory, the state-run media said was his first message after heading to the front lines this week to lead government troops in the years-long war against forces from the northern Tigray region. State media reported on Wednesday that Abiy had arrived on the battle front to lead a … Read more

Defense Secretary Peter Dutton says China views Australia as a ‘tributary state’ that should submit to its power

Defense Secretary Peter Dutton has stated that China sees other countries in the region as “contributing states” and warns that Beijing will quickly dominate Asia if it succeeds in invading Taiwan. Key points: The defense minister warns that China will conquer other territories if it succeeds in invading Taiwan Sir. Dutton says he does not … Read more

UN chief calls for immediate halt to fighting in Ethiopia | Conflict news

The call comes with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reportedly in the front line and men flocking to join the military. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an immediate end to the fighting in Ethiopia, as the United States warned that there was “no military solution” to the African nation’s civil war. The calls came … Read more

Battlefield 2042 begins apology tour with massive December patch

Picture: SHE EA laid out its plans after launch for Battlefield 2042 through the rest of the year, and while new content is only in the cards in 2022, there will be three waves of ongoing corrections between now and the end of December. Welcome to the season of the infinite beta. Here’s a quick … Read more