EA Was Deep In Merger Talks With NBCUniversal

Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty Images) The video game market is consolidating like never before, and Electronic Arts is scrambling like everyone else. The Battlefield spirit FIFA maker recently pursued a merger with NBCUniversal, and also held potential acquisition talks with Disney, Apple, and other companies, according to a new report by Puck. While a deal … Read more

Apple Reverses Remote Work Policy, Exec Goes To Alphabet

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) Well, this is awkward. One of Apple’s highest-profile return-to-office detractors reportedly landed a new gig at Alphabet’s DeepMind, marking the latest drama over Big Tech’s remote work scuffles. That move, ironically, comes right around the same time Apple decided to walk back its most recent return-to-office push In an internal … Read more

How to Avoid the Biotech Bear Market: Get Some Products Approved

The mere handful of biotechs stocks that are in positive territory this year offer clues as to what investors are looking for. Elias Stein Text size It’s hard to overstate just how poorly biotech stocks have performed this year. Even as investors rushed into defensive healthcare stocks, the SPDR S&P Biotech exchange-traded fund was down … Read more

Disney Plus adds 8 million subscribers — but it’s still operating at a loss

Disney +Photo: NICK AGRO / AFP via Getty Images When Disney first launched its streaming service Disney + back in November of 2019, it did so with a long-term mindset. Streaming was, presumably, the future, and so the company was willing to burn a lot of money to catch up with more established performers in … Read more

Asheville Starbucks workers reject union in 11-6 vote – WLOS

Asheville Starbucks workers reject union in 11-6 voteWLOS The Rapidly Growing Starbucks Union in Numbers – People’s Policy ProjectPeople’s Policy Project Workers at 2 Jacksonville Starbucks vote to unionize, becoming the first in Duval County to do soFirst Coast News View Full Coverage on Google News

Redbox getting swallowed by Chicken Soup For The Soul

RedboxPhoto: Justin Sullivan / (Getty Images) Great news for anybody who wants to see some sun-damaged touch screens get livened up by a little good, hearty cheer: Redbox just got itself bought by Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc., the company behind eight million books of inspirational sub-Reader’s Digest horseshit, and also, for some … Read more

Peloton Stock Falls, Exercise Bike Loses Money, Tread +

Photo: photocritical (Shutterstock) Reading about Peloton’s latest struggles is like watching somebody run on a treadmill with their shoelaces tied together. The lurching, stumbling body is still in motion, but the person can barely do enough to stay upright while trying not to fall on their face. Peloton announced another major setback Tuesday with its … Read more

Businesses fear impact of Quebec language law, as some consider leaving province

Coalition Avenir du Quebec leader Francois Legault, right, speaks to Chamber of Commerce President Michel Leblanc, in Montreal, on Sept. 28, 2018.Ryan Remiorz / The Canadian Press As Quebec’s contentious language law heads closer to adoption, the province’s business community is growing increasingly anxious about what it could mean for their bottom line, with some … Read more

Investing Mantra: Why more than one trading strategy should be deployed

Diversification is a common strategy in investing. It helps bring down the portfolio risk at the same time allowing the investor to participate in more than one stock. The usefulness of diversification is most felt when the market is sideways or falling. A concentrated portfolio ends up taking a big hit during such times. This … Read more

Outriders Devs Didn’t Earn Royalties From Square Enix Last Year

Image: Square Enix According to a recent operations report from the development studio People Can Fly, the online loot shooter Outriders did not make any profit by the end of 2021. Read More: Millions Of Players Later, Outriders Devs Still Waiting For Money As originally reported by TweakTownthe report stated that the publisher Square Enix … Read more