‘Helplessness’ in Lytton, BC, says mayor, while residents question findings of devastating wildfire

‘Helplessness’ in Lytton, BC, says mayor, while residents question findings of devastating wildfire

Residents of Lytton, BC, are experiencing a “sense of helplessness,” its mayor said in the wake of a report on the cause of the fires that devastated their town over the summer. On Thursday, the Transport Safety Board (TSB) excluded train activity as the spark from the mammoth fire, raising eyebrows among witnesses and those … Read more

Senior CAF officer steps months in sexual offense after him – National

‘Helplessness’ in Lytton, BC, says mayor, while residents question findings of devastating wildfire

A senior military officer in the Canadian Armed Forces has been put on leave months after an investigation into sexual misconduct against him first began, Global News has confirmed. A statement Friday from the CAF confirmed a report first published by the Globe and Mail that the military’s chief of staff, Lieutenant General. Steven Whelan … Read more

Toronto community is upset after the beloved iconic tree felled without explanation – Toronto

‘Helplessness’ in Lytton, BC, says mayor, while residents question findings of devastating wildfire

A Toronto community is heartbroken after noting in late September that an iconic tree was felled without explanation. The Don Valley Tree, nicknamed “Cricket” and “The Tree,” was located in ET Seton Park, at the bottom of the park’s driveway off Thorncliffe Park Drive. According to a petition created to have it replanted, the tree … Read more

Canada’s latest UNESCO biosphere is practically ‘right next door’ to Vancouver

From the seabed, where rare glass fungus reefs have been discovered, to the dramatic peaks of BC’s coastal mountains, the great watershed in Átl’ka7tsem / Howe Sound. The fjord stretched from the northwestern edge of Vancouver to the Squamish estuary south of Whistler and was announced last month as a UNESCO biosphere region. At its … Read more

Man charged with killing Nunavut actress Emerald MacDonald – National

By Staff The Canadian press Sent 16 October 2021 17:34 Smaller font Cut the font size of the article down –ONE Larger font Increase the font size of the article ONE+ The Mounties in Nunavut have accused a man of murder in the first place when actress Emerald MacDonald died in May. The RCMP says … Read more

Canada’s oldest children’s bookstore is now writing its next chapter

An iconic small business in Halifax is writing its next chapter as it marks a milestone. Woozles, a children’s bookstore, celebrated its 43rd birthday on Saturday, though they could not have the same amount as they typically do each year because of COVID-19. Sentenced to the oldest children’s bookstore in Canada, the owner says it’s … Read more

Blair ‘Very Confident’ Federal Vaccine Passport Coming at US Border Reopening November 8 – National

Public Security Secretary Bill Blair says he is ‘very convinced’ that Canadians will have a national vaccine passport in place before the US border reopens for non-essential travel on November 8. While Blair said he always tries to “overperform and under-promise”, he noted that work on the federal evidence on the COVID-19 vaccination system has … Read more

Nature groups threaten to take Ottawa to court in Quebec Seed Protection – Montreal

Two environmental groups say they are ready to take the federal government to court if it does not protect a population of small brown frogs, which they say are threatened by a road widening project south of Montreal. The two Quebec-based groups are urging Ottawa to issue an emergency order to protect a western cruciferous … Read more

Extinction Rebellion Vancouver Explains Why It’s So Eager to Humiliate Justin Trudeau Before COP26 Climate Conference

(This is the third installment of a three-part series that explains why the Extinction Rebellion decided to launch an “October Rebellion” on October 16.) A spokesman for Extinction Rebellion Vancouver says his group plans to replicate the tactics of a group with direct action in Britain, Insulate Britain, which has repeatedly blocked the main road … Read more

Do you travel with children under 12? What to know about the latest COVID-19 rules

Canadians hoping to travel internationally for the holidays have a lot to celebrate. A White House official told Global News on Friday that fully vaccinated Canadians will be able to travel to the United States by land or sea for non-essential trips from November 8. Later in the day, the news came that Canadians with … Read more