Travel Curbs Easing: FDA Panel Supports J&J Booster: Virus Update

Low vaccination levels led to daily infections and deaths in Russia and more regions in the country imposed restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. China ordered five airlines to suspend flights after cases were discovered on board. Meanwhile, Hong Kong reported six imported cases. The setbacks come as countries and airlines take their … Read more

Former Boeing CEO indicted for fraud in 737 Max tragedy

The charges were not against a top executive. Instead, they were up against Mark Forkner, 49, who was Boeing’s chief technical pilot during the certification process for the jet and is accused of misleading the FAA during that process in 2016 and 2017. “In an effort to save Boeing money, Forkner has reportedly withheld critical … Read more

Moderna Booster Backed by US Panel; Biden’s plea: virus update

(Bloomberg) — Johnson & Johnson’s Covid Vaccine Booster Got a main recommendation: from advisors to US regulators that the extra shot brings one step closer to approval. The injection approval of Moderna Inc. for adolescents is being postponed by the FDA to assess the risks of myocarditis, Dow Jones reported. Thousands of people in the … Read more

Bali reopening; China’s first local case in a week: virus update

(Bloomberg) — A group of top vaccine experts is meeting on Thursday and Friday to consider whether people taking Moderna Inc.’s Covid-19 vaccines. and Johnson & Johnson should get booster shots. The US Food and Drug Administration will ban Merck & Co.’s Covid-19 pill. send to an advisory committee for review, using a public forum … Read more

Prince William blasts space tourism and says billionaires should focus on saving the Earth

The Duke of Cambridge spoke about the current rush for space travel in an interview with the BBC’s Newscast podcast, which aired on Thursday. He said: “We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds determined to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live.” William, a former … Read more

Energy crisis is a ‘wake-up call’ for Europe to dump fossil fuels

“Today’s experience of rising energy prices is a clear wake-up call… that we need to accelerate the transition to clean energy, we need to phase ourselves out of dependence on fossil fuels,” a senior EU official told reporters when the European Commission unveiled a series of measures to deal with the crisis. The European Union … Read more

NYC ‘power lunch’ spots are getting their mojo back as offices reopen

After a long season in which many high-paid executives cared about salads and cereal bowls, Manhattan’s power districts finally got their lunch mojo back. Many eateries preferred by movers and shakers only opened for dinner when indoor dining resumed February last year. But lunch is on the rise again at Le Bernardin, Le Pavillon, Marea … Read more

Vladimir Putin: Russia does not use energy as a weapon

Speak on a energy At a conference in Moscow on Wednesday, Putin called the allegations “politically motivated” and without evidence. His comments came as EU officials said a lower-than-expected supply of Russian gas was partly responsible for Europe’s energy crisis and promised to accelerate the bloc’s efforts to buy itself off fossil fuels. “Russia does … Read more

Southwest canceled more than 2,000 weekend flights and disruption continues

The world’s largest low-cost airline canceled three of every 10 departures it had scheduled for Sunday, and the disruption lasted until Monday, a federal holiday, with 337 flights — or about one in 10 — canceled so far, according to the airline tracking website. FlightAware . The company blamed the cancellations on air traffic control … Read more

The Nobel Prize in Economics is awarded to David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens

Card was recognized for pioneering work with the market effects of minimum wages, immigration and education. He showed, for example, that raising the minimum wage does not necessarily lead to fewer jobs. The second half of the prize was awarded to Angrist and Imbens for demonstrating how precise conclusions about cause and effect can be … Read more