End your Brexit “sausage war” against British bangers, UK to tell the EU

Northern Irish sausage producers can supply both the UK and EU markets thanks to the protocol, and many large supermarkets use domestic suppliers. But the prospect of British sausages being banned in Northern Ireland brought both sides to the brink of a trade war in the summer. Brussels warned that it would backfire with tariffs … Read more

EU offers to make UK Northern Ireland drug regulator attempt to break protocol deadlock

The UK will approve new coronavirus and cancer drugs for use in Northern Ireland under an EU offer to break the stalemate in protocol negotiations. Northern Ireland follows EU pharmaceutical rules under the protocol, which creates a customs border with Britain and prevents a hard Irish border, but there are fears the province could miss … Read more

A compromise on EU judges could be “within reach” of Northern Ireland’s protocol negotiations

Brussels is also prepared to pledge to cut customs controls by 50 percent legally binding to convince the UK that it is serious about its offer, RTE-TV said. Protocol negotiations are now likely to run into December, senior government insiders said, despite British threats to trigger Article 16 of the protocol before the end of … Read more