1 in 5 people recall ‘lucid dying’ after being revived by CPR

A clearer picture of life after death — albeit short-lived — is coming into focus A new study has shown that 20% of people on the brink of death have experienced “lucid dying.” The phenomenon is said to occur in the moments between undergoing cardiac arrest, when they are unconscious or dying, and receiving lifesaving … Read more

Musician plays saxophone throughout 9-hour brain surgery

A musician undergoing complex brain surgery in Italy played the saxophone during his entire 9-hour operation. The team at Rome’s Paideia International Hospital operated on the 35-year-old man, identified only as GZ, in order to remove his brain tumor. The patient underwent an “awake surgery,” so doctors could ensure they wouldn’t compromise his neurological functions, … Read more

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs continue to dominate, Josh McDaniels’ two-point decision | NFL | THE HERD – The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs continue to dominate, Josh McDaniels’ two-point decision | NFL | THE HERDThe Herd with Colin Cowherd Chiefs safety Justin Reid said defense was ready to close game vs. RaidersArrowhead Pride The Pulse: The Raiders blow it, Rhule’s replacement and MLB playoff primerThe Athletic Why the secret hero for KC Chiefs vs. Raiders … Read more

What is the ‘shower effect’? How bathing yields the best ideas: study

Need a fresh idea? Try taking a shower. Some think of brainstorming as simply a period of letting the mind wander — but to really boost creativity, thinkers should try to be “moderately engaged” in a physical task, such as showering or taking a walk, according to a new study published in Psychology of Aesthetics, … Read more

The secret to weight loss could be in the brain: study

The secret to weight loss could be in the brain. Researchers have uncovered newly identified sensory neurons that ferry messages from fat tissue to the brain, according to Science Daily. “The discovery of these neurons suggests for the first time that your brain is actively surveying your fat, rather than just passively receiving messages about … Read more

Steroids may change the structure of the brain: study

Steroids are able to change the structure of the brain and affect a person’s mood, according to a new study. Dutch researchers conducted the study by examining the brains of nearly 25,000 steroid users and non-users. The team found that those who inhaled or orally took glucocorticoids, a steroid that is prescribed to decrease inflammation, … Read more

Florida student left unable to walk, write due to brain amoeba

A Florida student said he lost the majority of his motor skills after contracting a deadly brain-eating amoeba while swimming in a stagnant pond. “It was tough. I had to, like, learn how to walk, how to write again, how to do all the basic stuff again,” Sebastian Deleon, 22, told Click Orlando of the … Read more

Philosopher UT Place donates brain to University of Adelaide after dedicating his life to studying the mind

Ullin Thomas Place was an unusual kind of organ donor; he donated his brain not to science, but to philosophy. A philosopher himself, the English-born Place spent his life thinking about brains – what they are, how they work, and how they produce conscious experience. In his will, Place bequeathed his brain to the University … Read more

Scientists Find an Enzyme That May Stop Brain Activity Getting Out of Control

Our brains are awash with various unsung chemical heroes, making sure the electrical signals traveling all over the place do not get out of control. A new mouse study has now detailed the function of a pair of vital proteins to maintain this balance – this could help us better understand a range of neurological … Read more

Razzies rescinds Bruce Willis award after backlash over diagnosis

And the winner will not be Bruce Willis. The Razzie Awards have come to the conclusion not to give Bruce Willis the “worst performance by Bruce Willis in 2021” award after much backlash. In a statement to The Post, the award show’s co-founders, John Wilson and Mo Murphy, said, “After much thought and consideration, the … Read more