Johnson ‘not’ serious’ about solving canal crossings, says Macron – POLITICO

PARIS – Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that Boris Johnson’s methods were not “serious” after the British Prime Minister tweeted a letter urging the French president to conclude an agreement with Britain on migrants traveling dangerous crossings of the English Channel . “I’m surprised by the methods when they’re not serious,” Macron said during a … Read more

‘We are tired of double talk’: French government intensifies attack on Johnson over channel tragedy – live | Politics

Good morning. Last night Boris Johnson published the text of an open letter (pdf) sent to the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and suggested various measures France could take to help stop people crossing the canal on small boats. One of his suggestions was that France should simply take people back after they have arrived in … Read more

France cancels important talks with Britain following Boris Johnson’s letter on migrant crisis

T The diplomatic crisis triggered by the drowning of 27 migrants in the Channel escalated on Friday when France told Priti Patel that she was “no longer invited” to Paris for emergency negotiations. French ministers reacted angrily to a public letter issued by Boris Johnson, outlining five steps he believes both sides should take to … Read more

Macron could solve the migrant crisis if he wanted to

It is a political mystery that those who claim that Britain is a small, irrelevant country always insist that we have a unique responsibility to solve the problems of the world, while those who say that we are exceptionally bad – prejudice and racist – demands that ministers allow hundreds of thousands. of migrants to … Read more

Boris Johnson urges French and EU agreements to halt passage of English Channel – POLITICO

Boris Johnson offered to work “longer and faster” with France and the EU to try to stop undocumented migrants crossing the English Channel after dozens drowned in an attempt to reach Britain In a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, published late Thursday, the British Prime Minister called for more cooperation with Paris and Brussels … Read more

There is no new money for Boris Johnson’s ‘leveling up’ agenda as Rishi Sunak shuts down

Rishi Sunak’s finance ministry has made it clear that no new money will be spent on the relaunch of Boris Johnson’s “leveling up” agenda next month, The Telegraph understands. Ministers and officials developing plans for the long-awaited White Paper need to work on existing government projects and look at cost-neutral reforms. The refusal to consider … Read more

Once a prime minister’s authority disappears, the end can be swift and brutal

There is an old Whitehall story, probably apocryphal, about a minister who was not very well-liked by his officials who gave an important political speech to a high-ranking body. Not long afterward in his speech, he turned over a sheet of paper that read, “You are alone now boyfriend.” The rest of what he imagined … Read more

Labor says Johnson breaks election promise with army reorganization – British politics live | Politics

I would have stayed in the Army if it had looked like that. But I was in an army that I think was eroded. The equipment did not work completely. The biggest adventure you had was probably to go to Northern Ireland every two years, but it was about as far as it got. Hong … Read more

And still they come … Migrants land in Dover this morning after crossing the Channel overnight

A large barrier has been put in place and the officers are questioning a number of people. All vehicles entering the area are also being sought in new measures to try to prevent migrants from making the deadly journey. Gerald Darmanin, the French interior minister, said the loss of 27 lives was an “absolute tragedy” … Read more

Recent migrant crisis: Britain is too ‘attractive’ for illegal migrants seeking work, says French minister

Priti Patel insists the government will not wait until the bill on nationality and borders is adopted (see 13.15). “The government, the police and the Danish Prison and Probation Service are taking action at all levels to put an end to the gangs of human traffickers. But again, we can not do it alone. More … Read more