Musician covers “Master Of Puppets” in 51 different styles

Metallica was recently released a massive tire project featuring everyone from IDLES, Rina Sawayama and Elton John to Kamasi Washington and Phoebe Bridgers performing versions of songs from 1991’s self-titled record /“Sort album. ” In order not to be overwhelmed by the breadth of this collection, Anthony Vincent has decided to condense the idea into … Read more

Hannah Gadsby tears down Netflix boss Ted Sarandos

Hannah GadsbyPhoto: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images) After Netflix’s co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, name-checked Hannah Gadsby in one memo doubles down on his support for Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, as featurned transphobic comments, Gasby has now let Sarandos know exactly how she feels about it. IN new, company-wide memo sent out to employees on Monday, Sarandos wrote: … Read more

Succession’s Jesse Armstrong talks run a Trump-era show in 2021

Follow-upPicture: HBO Follow-upLogan Roy is not Donald Trump, for all it is is that he is a furiously inclined egomaniac loaded with a thick crop of semi-loyal failures. (If anyone, he is Rupert Murdoch, complete with a long tale of open warfare with his excessive-for freethatgoat kids.) But it has not stopped The HBO Emmy … Read more

Emma Kenney addresses Emmy Rossum’s shameless departure

Emmy Rossum and Emma Kenney in 2013Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images) Emma Kenney, who played Debbie Gallagher on Shameless for a decade, she expressed her feelings about co-star Emmy Rossum leaves the show in 2018. In a recent interview with Call her dad podcast, Kenney shares how she and Rossum’s relationship felt like a … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel helps Billie Eilish cross objects from her childhood forest list

Billie Eilish, Jimmy KimmelScreenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live Jimmy Kimmel introduced Billie Eilish as the youngest person ever to win the Grammys for both Album and Record Of The Year, results that your average 19-year-old would probably feel pretty confident about. And surely Eilish is killing it professionally with his second album, Happier than ever garnish … Read more

No new light casts over troubled star

Brittany MurphyPhoto: HBO Max Gets quickly on the heels of a series of documentaries examining Britney Spears’ life, the new two-part HBO Max documentation What happened, Brittany Murphy? touches on some similar themes: a troubled star, a controlling man and of course the completely unforgivable era of gossip blogs from the early 2000s. But in … Read more

Coachella capitulates, the mandatory vaccination policy returns

What is it? Oh, no, these people do not need to be vaccinated, despite overwhelming evidence that it is the best way to reduce hospitalizations from COVID-19.Photo: Presley Ann (Getty Images) Despite the fact that vaccinations are a fairly simple, uncomplicated method of preventing damage that has been used for decades to keep polio, measles, … Read more

Netflix teases the David Fincher message

David FincherPhoto: David Livingston (Getty Images) Netflix is ​​teasing something that will make Fincher loyalists run wild over the next 24 hours. In a painfully cryptic tweet, the streaming giant wrote: “Something special is coming tomorrow from David Fincher …” They also included a pair of eyes that we are not sure to play into … Read more

Evangeline Lilly finally “gets” Hope Van Dyne

Evangeline LillyPhoto: VALERIE MACON / AFP via Getty Images Female characters are often subversive in Marvel movies, serving as supporting roles that do not always grow or have arches like the male characters do, although their intelligence or general competence helps save the day in a way that the male characters could not have done … Read more

The Last Duel Review: Ridley Scott makes Rashomon

Matt Damon and Adam Driver in The Last DuelPhoto: Studies from the 20th century The muted blue hue of the image should be a dead giveaway. If not, look for dirt on the lens or listen for grunts and the sound of sword games. Everyone betrays that Ridley Scott, director of Gladiator, The Kingdom of … Read more