Australia live news update: fears child caught Omicron Covid variant on flight, Western Australia closes border with SA | Australia news

16.12 IS 16:12 Adheres to MPs speaking on the radio, independent MP Helen Haines is on RN Breakfast this morning and she was asked about her thoughts on the Prime Minister’s admission to a federal ICAC: What we saw in Question Time this week was that the Prime Minister waved what is essentially the same … Read more

Australia news updates live: ‘more’ people flee NT Covid quarantine; Qld floods; major NSW fines over Omicron variant | Australia news

Joe Bidens Indo-Pacific Advisor Kurt Campbell has carefully avoided weighing itself into Australia’s domestic policy debate on Taiwan. But he has stressed that as far as the United States is concerned, it is a “very sensitive issue” and the United States will seek to be focused, decisive and clear in its messages. At the Lowy … Read more

Australia live news updates: nation on alert over Omicron Covid tribe; Warragamba Dam spill under flood warnings | Australia news

Good morning everyone and welcome to Saturday. This is Ben Smee in Brisbane who brings you the weekend version of Guardian Australia’s live news blog. As always, there is little to get through. All eyes are on Australia’s reaction to the new and stronger Covid variant, which is threatening to spread from southern Africa. The … Read more

Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie’s talk of vaccine discrimination remixed for TikTok dance – video | Australia news

Jacqui Lambie’s fiery speech blowing up Pauline Hanson’s law on vaccine discrimination has triggered an unlikely series of dance videos on the social media platform, TikTok. Lambie delivered an attack on the One Nations Vaccine Discrimination Act, in which he received the proposal that non-vaccinated people be discriminated against. ‘Being held accountable for one’s own … Read more

Australia news live update: flood warnings as heavy rain hits NSW; police and defense personnel fly to Solomon Islands | Australia news

Good morning, Cait Kelly here to take you through Friday morning’s news. Here are the big ones so far: Australian Federal Police has arrived in Solomon Islands after days of unrest over a series of complaints, including alleged corruption, poor public services and the government’s 2019 decision to shift diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China. … Read more

Australia’s Politics Live Update: Scott Morrison Introduces Religious Discrimination Act to Parliament | Australia news

Declaration of faith is a person’s ability to politely and respectfully and without encouraging violence, to say what they think, to others without fear that they will be brought before a court accused of having discriminated against to state that they really had good faith, religious beliefs. That is what the creed is. The case … Read more

Scott Morrison refuses to admit that he ever said ‘Shanghai Sam’. Here he says it on camera – video | Australia news

Scott Morrison has evaded opposition questions about why he called former Labor senator Sam Dastyari ‘Shanghai Sam’ and then denied ever using that term. The Prime Minister stated that he was unaware of the ‘allegation’ and did not intend to take a position on the issue ‘at face value’. However, Morrison has used the moniker … Read more

Australia politics live news: Jacquie Lambie demands One Nation apology after number shared online; Victoria records 1,196 Covid cases | Australia news

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation needs to be reformed to be saved from itself. ABC is a $ 1.1 billion organization funded by taxpayers, yet ABC along the trail is horizontally off course, leaving us in the unfortunate position we are in now, and wondering what to do with ABC. We saw that today in the … Read more

Messy first day for new speaker during Question Time in Canberra – video | Australia news

As is tradition, Andrew Wallace pretended reluctance while being ceremoniously dragged to the podium. The Queensland MP was voted to take over from the outgoing, and highly respected, speaker Tony Smith. Wallace’s first day on the job was hectic and messy with many posts from Labor urging the chairman to rein in the coalition’s response. … Read more

Australia policy live update: Morrison faces growing backbench opposition; voting boost for Labor | Australia news

Welcome back to Politics Live. Seven days back in this parliamentary year, and the coalition’s backers have decided it’s time to take a stand. After five government senators crossed the floor yesterday to be the only five to vote on a Pauline Hanson-sponsored anti-vaccine bill (Hanson is in Queensland and was unable to vote on … Read more