Australian Defense Forces can use Collins Class submarines for another 30 years while awaiting nuclear replacements

Australia‚Äôs aging Collins-class submarines could be kept in the water for another 30 years while the defense is working to acquire a new fleet of nuclear-powered boats. Key points: Australia’s existing submarines could receive upgrades to remain operational for longer The Navy chief says it is possible that Collins Class submarines will be in use … Read more

French ambassador criticizes ‘childish’ Australia before returning to Canberra, says confidence issues go beyond scrapped submarine deal

France’s ambassador to Australia warns that it remains to be seen whether the two governments are friends and has accused the federal government of being “childish”. Key points: Jean-Pierre Thebault returns to Australia after being recalled in response to Australia canceling $ 90 billion deal The French president continues to refuse to receive a call … Read more

French ambassador returns to Canberra to ‘redefine’ relations with Australia following submarine conflict

France says the Australian ambassador is returning to Canberra after being withdrawn last month in retaliation for a federal government decision to scrap a $ 90 billion submarine deal. Key points: Ambassador Jean-Pierre Thebault was recalled to France last month He is being sent back to redefine what France’s relationship with Australia is Attempts by … Read more

The AUKUS agreement leaves Russia “worried” that Australia will have nuclear-powered submarines

Russia says it is concerned that the AUKUS defense agreement between Australia, Britain and the United States will allow Australia to join the select group of nations operating nuclear-powered submarines. Key points: Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the pact is a challenge to global nuclear proliferation The EU has delayed free trade negotiations with … Read more

Defense personnel offered advice on ‘stress and insecurity’ after the French sub-agreement was terminated

As Australia shifts to a nuclear-powered fleet, military personnel and Department of Defense staff who are concerned about the scrapping of the $ 90 billion French submarine program are being offered professional support as well as assurance that their positions will be maintained. Key points: Chief of Defense and department secretary wrote to staff acknowledging … Read more

Scott Morrison announces new global security alliances during UN summit

Australia’s global strategic partnerships have been the focus of a speech by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the fourth day of the UN General Assembly. Key points: Sir. Morrison also produced the new AUKUS Security Pact He said the development of new technologies was crucial to achieving global emission reductions PNG’s prime minister said the … Read more

Labor’s Penny Wong questions the impact of the AUKUS agreement on Australia’s defense autonomy

Shadow Secretary of State Penny Wong has warned the federal government must not sacrifice Australia’s independence as it pushes forward with its ambitious plan to use American and British technology to build a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines. Key points: In a speech to the U.S. Studies Center, Senator Wong will re-enforce Labor’s support for the … Read more

Australia’s free trade agreement with the EU could be in trouble following the scrapping of French submarine projects

The government “hopes and prays” French anger over Australia’s decision to scrap a $ 90 billion submarine contract with the country will not spill over into its other trade negotiations with Europe. Key points: Senior European officials question Australia’s reliability after concluding its deal with France EU-Australia two-way trade is valued at nearly $ 85 … Read more

Nuclear power: the secret submarine deal to challenge China | News

When Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Scott Morrison announced a new deal that would give Australia the technology to power silent nuclear submarines as part of its fleet, a phrase still came up: “stability in the Indo-Pacific”. The word that the leaders of Britain, the United States and Australia did not use may be more … Read more

Scott Morrison does not plan to discuss submarine deal with French President Emmanuel Macron while at UN General Assembly

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended Australia’s decision to scrap a $ 90 billion submarine contract with France, saying he has no plans to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron at the UN General Assembly (UNGA). Key points: Scott Morrison will spend a day in New York during the UNGA meeting He said he made … Read more