Warning of thunderstorm asthma for Melbourne and environs as more storms will whip up the city

Victorians are being urged to stay alert, with more wild weather to whip the state this afternoon. Key points: Storms should cross the city, most likely between 4pm and 6pm The central district, which includes Melbourne and Geelong, has a high-risk warning for epidemic thunderstorm asthma The combination of high pollen levels and wind associated … Read more

Cattle farmers in Queensland rejoice amid a deluge of wet weather with rainy prospects into December

Queensland’s large wetlands are expected to remain until December, and while welcome for cattle farmers, others in low-lying areas of central Queensland fled their homes overnight during floods. The Bureau of Metrology’s (BOM) seven-day forecast shows no dry days ahead for Queensland. The rain will peak in the southeast today as a trough over the … Read more

Ottawa tested the face recognition of millions of travelers at Toronto’s Pearson Airport in 2016

An initiative in 2016 at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport prompted the federal government to test face recognition technology on millions of unsuspecting travelers.Fred Lum / The Globe and Mail In an attempt to identify potential deportees, the federal government quietly tested face recognition technology on millions of unsuspecting travelers at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in … Read more