Syrian air defense intercepts Israeli attack over Homs: Report | Military news

Homs province is next to Lebanon, where the Iran-backed Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah group holds sway in border areas.

Syria’s air defenses have intercepted an Israeli attack on the al-Qusayr area in Homs, Syrian state media reported.

A Syrian military source said in a statement Thursday that there was material damage from the raid, but no casualties.

The Israeli army said it has no comment.

On Monday, Syria said it was attacking Aleppo . had intercepted.

Homs province borders Lebanon, where the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah group holds sway along the rugged border area.

Western intelligence sources have said Israel’s intensified attacks on Syria since last year are part of a shadow war sanctioned by the United States.

The attacks are also part of an anti-Iran policy that for the past two years has sought to undermine Iran’s vast military might without causing a significant increase in hostilities.


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