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On behalf of Streamliner Properties, Bousfields has applied for the redevelopment and subdivision of a property at 500 Duplex Avenue in the Toronto Midtown area, which is currently inhabited by a 34-story apartment building, nine 3-story, townhouses, a tennis court, and a surface parking space. Streamliner seeks to intensify the development of the Tower-in-the-Park-style property with new residential properties north and south of the existing tower, replacing everything else on the site than the existing tower, while giving City a new park area on part of it. current reason. While an application to amend the zoning regulations for the new buildings was submitted to the city in July, an application to subdivide the property to separate what will become the park followed in September.

500 Duplex by IBI Group for Streamliner Properties in Toronto, image from submission to the city

The site is located on the west side of Duplex Avenue, between Montgomery and Roselawn Avenue, approximately 550 feet from the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton. It is irregularly shaped in a ‘C’ configuration with an area of ​​approximately 10,013 m² and facades of approximately 133 meters at Duplex, 87.5 meters at Montgomery and 98.8 meters at Roselawn.

Location of 500 Duplex Avenue, image from submission to the city

West of the site are the 3-story Montgomery Apartments. Across Montgomery Avenue to the south are two-story homes in a low-rise neighborhood. Across Duplex Avenue to the east are two 3-story apartment buildings, a low-rise duplex and a two-story single-family home. Across Roselawn Avenue to the north are two-story detached homes in a low-rise neighborhood.

500 Duplex by IBI Group for Streamliner Properties in Toronto, image from submission to the city

What is proposed for the site are new residential buildings designed by the IBI Group on either side of the mostly empty north and south walls of the 34-story tower that faces Duplex Avenue, connected via six-story podiums. Adjacent to the north wall of the tower would be an 11-story building that faces Roselawn Avenue, while adjacent to the southern wall of the tower would be a 15-story building that fronts Montgomery Avenue.

A total of 940 housing units are proposed for the development, of which 319 (30%) will be preserved in the existing tower. The unit division of the new buildings is 286 one-room (27%), 269 two-room (25%) and 66 three-room (6%). 33 of the suites are two-storey townhouses located on the ground floor and mezzanine in the new buildings, all with direct sidewalk access.

The proposed development will have a total gross floor area of ​​64,635 m², of which 19,219 m² will be retained in the existing tower. FSI would be 6.46.

Architectural plans showing the composition of the buildings including the new public park, image from IBI Group

The proposal comprises a total of 3,768 m² of recreational area, consisting of 1,884 m² of outdoor recreational area and 1,884 m² of indoor recreational area. All indoor recreation rooms are planned centrally located in and integrated with the existing tower.

A 917 m public park, rectangular in shape, is planned for the southwest corner of the site facing Montgomery Avenue. The park would provide separation from the low-rise properties to the west and would be framed by both the Montgomery Apartments and the class-related townhouse units in the new south building.

500 Duplex by IBI Group for Streamliner Properties in Toronto, image from submission to the city

The proposal includes three levels of parking spaces below level, which connect the existing parking garage in levels P1 and P2. This will replace the existing surface parking. There are a total of 540 parking spaces in the parking garage, of which 478 spaces are reserved for residents and 62 spaces reserved for visitors.

Parking is proposed for a total of 775 bicycles, of which 130 bicycle parking spaces for the existing building, 585 resident bicycle parking spaces for the new buildings and 60 made available as visitor spaces. Bicycle parking for residents is located on the P1 level, while the 60 short-term visitor bicycle parking spaces are located on the ground floor of the two new buildings.

The site is located within a seven-minute walk of Eglinton TTC Subway Station, which also includes a bus terminal served by eight TTC bus routes running on Avenue Road, Yonge Street, Leaside, Eglinton Avenue East and West, Lawrence Avenue East, and Leslie Street. The station will have an exchange with the new Crosstown LRT line, which is currently under construction. When it opens, the bus routes in the area change. The nearest entrance to Eglinton Station is approximately 550 meters from the Yonge-Eglinton Center location.

Transit near 500 Duplex Avenue, picture from submission to the city

You can learn more from our database file for the project, which is linked below. If you like, you can join the conversation in the associated project forum thread, or leave a comment in the space on this page.


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