Someone slipped into the DMs by a police officer in Toronto after he got a ticket for them

Someone slipped into the direct messages of a Toronto police officer over Instagram after he gave them a ticket and fined them.

Officer Papadopoulos says he caught someone using their phone while sitting at a red light in Scarborough.

Papadopoulos pulled the vehicle aside and the driver inside claimed to have used his phone to check the time.

Later, the officer received a direct message over Instagram from the person he was getting the ticket to, who called him an “awful officer” and said they would “make sure to fight this.”

“I do not know how they found me, but they do not follow me,” he tells blogTO.

Papadopoulos adds that by sending the message, the person actually admits the offense.

“You can not hold or use a mobile phone while operating a vehicle. Many times people are not happy with that ticket – sometimes they do not understand the concept of holding or using it,” he says.

Papadopoulos notes that even though the driver claimed to have checked the time, the vehicle they were driving had a dashboard showing the time.

The officer served the driver with a $ 615 ticket, and after it was issued, the driver gave the Toronto officer his middle finger several times.

“It’s rare for this type of behavior to happen. Most of the people I have ticket understand that they have made a mistake,” he said.

Officer Papadopoulos suggests that drivers put their phones in a glove compartment or connect it to bluetooth so they are able to avoid possible tickets.


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