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Vote: Old growth logging

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The BC government will postpone deforestation on 2.6 million hectares of unprotected crown forests that contain “old, rare and prioritized large stands” of old growth.

The postponements are a “temporary measure,” the province announced Tuesday, until a “modernized” old growth management strategy can be implemented. It covers half of the old growth in BC that is not already protected – ie. old growth still subject to harvest.

The postponements are based on recommendations from the Old Growth Technical Advisory Panel, which was launched in June, and the previous Old Growth Strategic Review.

The BC government says it is asking First Nations to indicate within 30 days whether they agree with the proposed deferrals. It is unclear what will happen if First Nations with interests in forestry say no to the postponements.

As part of the plan, the government will halt BC Timber Sale of timber from the 2.6 million acres covered by the deferrals. BC Timber Sales represents about 20% of timber sales in BC

Forestry companies holding real estate in the affected areas will be asked to voluntarily stop deforestation in those areas. If they do not, the government can revoke permits. Should the deferrals become permanent, the licensees will at some point be entitled to compensation for loss of cutting rights.

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