Shooting outside the National Park is admitted 3, including 1 fan. The game is suspended until Sunday

A shot between two cars outside Nationals Park in DC on Saturday night left three people injured, including a fan, creating a scary atmosphere at the ballpark.

A shot between two cars outside Nationals Park in DC on Saturday night left three people injured, including a fan, creating a scary atmosphere at the ballpark.

According to DC police, all those injured are in stable condition.

The three people were shot outside the National Park in the 1500 block on South Capitol Street SW around 6 p.m. 9.30pm Saturday night.

Two of the suspected shooters hospitalized were in a white SUV. According to police, they were attacked by shots from a dark-colored sedan.

A third victim was a baseball fan caught in the crossfire. Authorities said she was grazed in the back by a bullet while crossing South Capitol Street and O Street.

Police said the sedan was last seen south on South Capitol Street immediately after the incident.

Law enforcement sources told WTOP News partner NBC Washington that one of the cars that had opened fire fled over the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge.

At a news conference Saturday night, DC police provided an update to their original information that said two people were injured in the shooting and two more took themselves to the hospital for “treatment of gunshot wounds.”

Two of those involved in the shooting and later admitted to the hospital will be questioned at the area’s hospitals per. NBC Washington.

The Washington Nationals game against the San Diego Padres has been postponed to 13.05 Sunday due to the shooting.

WTOP journalists and staff participating in the game posted their own first-hand accounts and reactions to the shooting.

Hearing shots fired the thousands of fans in the stands. WTOP’s Dan Friedell, who worked the game in the press field, said he “had never seen anything like it.”

Friedell reported that initially there was a thought that the uprising was due to incoming storms. But that perception quickly changed as many fans began to move toward exits.

“The next thing we know, we can see hundreds, maybe thousands, of fans leaving their seats behind the centerfield bullpen and the San Diego Padres bullpen – running toward the centerfield exit … it’s just completely unclear. It was very chaotic, ”Friedell said.

He added that dozens of people “literally crawling over each other” after entering the left field line were walking towards a safer place in Padres’ excavation. Other fans also covered wherever they were throughout the stadium.

“We saw people in the second deck going under the concrete in front of their section,” Friedell said, adding that people ran toward the tunnels behind the home plate, which you often see during TV broadcasts of the game.

WTOP Chief Technology Officer Brian Oliger, who was also in the game, described the chaos in this way.

“What sounded like fireworks exploding behind our seats in sec. 115, [it was] followed by lots of panic, distorting fans, and the players were immediately pulled off the field. No confirmation of exactly what is going on at this time. ”

WTOP reporter Mitchell Miller sat along the left side of the stadium and was not sure where the shots came from in the beginning.

“It was not clear whether it was inside the stadium or outside the ballpark, but what was clear was everyone worried and scared,” Miller said.

“There were people running up and down the hallways. They were worried about a possible mass shooting, there was a woman within a few seats of me crying. ”

Miller went on to say that the recent mass shooting and violence in cities around the country contributed to the troubled environment in the park. But “everyone seemed to be dealing with it in a very methodical situation.”

The match was suspended at the bottom of 6. inning as the Padres led 8-4. It resumes at the same place Sunday.

Below is the area where the recording took place:

WTOPs Glynis Kazanjian, Dan Friedell, Brian Oliger and Mitchell Miller contributed to this report.

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