Shelly Glover’s legal challenge to the PC election result rests on various ballots

Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Shelly Glover is challenging the party’s selection of Heather Stefanson as its new leader based on the total number of votes the party has revealed fluctuated on election day.

On Saturday, PC President Tom Wiebe announced that Stefanson beat Glover by 363 votes in a leadership race conducted by postal vote. Stefanson received 8,405 votes compared to 8,042 for Glover, Wiebe announced at Winnipeg’s Victoria Inn shortly before noon.

Stefanson is scheduled to be sworn in as prime minister on Tuesday at 14.00

Glover asks Manitoba’s Court of Queen’s Bench to declare the results invalid and order a new election.

In an application filed Tuesday, Glover’s legal adviser David Hill claims the election was fraught with “significant election irregularities intended to affect the outcome.”

In an affidavit, Glover describes the vote count as one of the irregularities.

She claims at. 12:27 on Saturday that the PC party provided her campaign with a spreadsheet stating that the party counted 16,045 votes on Saturday.

When Wiebe announced the results at. 17:00, he said that 82 ballots were destroyed, 17 were controversial, and that Glover received 8,042 votes.

“Immediately, given the number of votes I had received, I thought I had won the election,” Glover said in his statement.

“But Mr Wiebe went on to say that Mrs Stefanson had won 8,405 ballots, which led me to conclude that a total of 16,546 ballots had been counted, rather than the 16,045 referred to in the spreadsheet referred to. to in my campaign management. “

In another statement, Glover investigator Kevin Cook, a former police officer, said investigators from both parties determined in the counting hall that Glover was ahead by 500 votes and that it was clear that Glover had won the election.

“I noticed that members of Ms. Stefansson’s team were visibly upset,” Cook said in the statement.

Cook said he then observed men, monitored by Wiebe, remove boxes of counted ballots from the counting room on Saturday without explanation.

“None of the scrutiny from [Glover’s] the campaign was allowed to leave the ballroom to observe the custody chain for the unsealed ballot boxes, “he said, adding that his team was informed that it would be informed of the final statement later.

The PC party has been asked to comment.

Glover had previously expressed concern that some members could not get ballot papers and had asked the party to extend the voting period beyond Friday.

Her campaign and Stefansson’s campaign stated that as of Wednesday, no fewer than 1,200 party members had their ballots.

Concerns about missing ballots do not yet emerge as part of Glover’s legal challenge to the result.

The chairman of the leadership selection committee, George Orle, said these concerns were not legitimate.

“Everything about envelopes that disappear or are not distributed is false,” Orle said at the party meeting.

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