Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

  • Blue Origin passengers sleep in Airstream trailers in the company’s Astronaut Village before launch.
  • Passenger Chris Boshuizen told Insider that the trailers reminded him of the Apollo era.
  • There is a restaurant, a bar and a campfire site where passengers and staff gather in the afternoon.

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Space tourists blasting 62 miles above Earth aboard a rocket made by Jeff Bezos’ company must sleep in Airstream trailers at a Texas desert campground.

Chris Boshuizen, who was on a Blue Origin flight with “Star Trek” actor William Shatner and two other passengers in October, said he was based at a campground called Astronaut Village in the days before launch.

Astronaut Village is about 15 miles away from the launch site in Van Horn, Texas, Don DiCostanzo, a business owner who was Shatner’s wingman before and after spaceflight, told Insider in an earlier interview.

Blue Origin's Astronaut Village

Blue Origin’s Astronaut Village.

Blue origin

The campground is down a long dirt path with “tight security,” said DiCostanzo, who slept in a hotel room nearby, which he said was paid for by the company.

Boshuizen, an Australian former NASA engineer, described the rural Astronaut Village as a “perfect little campsite.”

Each astronaut is given a silver-colored Airstream trailer to sleep in before the flight. Boshuizen said the trailers’ interior was redesigned to be “more like a hotel than a caravan.”

Trailers in Blue Origin's Astronaut Village

Trailers in Blue Origin’s Astronaut Village.


“It’s not like a five star hotel or anything,” Boshuizen said. He added that the trailers reminded him of the Apollo era.

“They have historical artifacts here and there in the different spaces, so you really feel like you are somewhere with some connection to past and future,” he continued.

Fireplace in Blue Origin's Astronaut Village

The fireplace in Blue Origin’s Astronaut Village.


Bezos and his fellow passengers remained in Astronaut Village prior to their flight on the company’s New Shepard rocket in July.

Michael Strahan, a “Good Morning America” ‚Äč‚Äčanchor; Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of American astronaut Alan Shepard; and four other paying customers must be the next group to sleep in the trailers before they explode into the Blue Origins rocket.

The campsite also has its own restaurant and bar.

Bar in Blue Origin's Astronaut Village

The bar in Blue Origin’s Astronaut Village.


In the middle of the Astronaut Village is a campfire site surrounded by lots of chairs, which is considered the meeting area for staff and guests.

“We hung out there chatting and having a drink in the afternoon after training. It’s a good chance to bond,” Boshuizen said. “It’s designed around getting the astronauts to commit and how guests and staff connect.”

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