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“He was trying to strangle me on a couch, and I literally had to bite him,” Snell said in a Butler, Pa. courtroom, according to questioner. “He strangled me.”

Snell’s crying testimony included a claim that Parnell pinned her down and called her a “whore” and “piece s —“, the newspaper reported.

In a statement afterwards, Parnell said Snell’s testimony was false and that “the truth will prevail” when he can make his case in court next week.

“In court, my children’s mother made a number of false accusations against me,” Parnell said. ‘Those allegations are lies. There is no truth for them, not one. They are complete representations; not distortions or misrepresentations – just flat lies. “

In “Man of War,” Parnell has several scenes in which women were beaten and smashed, depicting female characters being pulled across the floor and pulled by their hair – and the attackers reveling in their pain.

“Nate grabbed a handful of Meg’s hair and forced it roughly around her head,” Parnell wrote of a female CIA agent who was beaten by a rogue military official who “enjoyed the grimace of pain that flew across her face. and the fear that ignited in her eyes. “

“As she tried to move free, he slammed a blade against her cheek and smiled at the involuntary shaking caused by the cold steel touching hot meat,” the book states.

The man on the spot then strangled the woman. She was tied with a zipper, pulled and beaten “hard in the side of the head” while fighting with the man, according to the passage. Elsewhere, Parnell described the woman as a male colleague “just wanted to f —“, including one who “kept staring at her breasts.”

In another scene, Parnell describes three men preparing to gang-rape a woman while her crying children squeezed under a table and watched. One of the men he noticed was twice the size of the woman, had “a burning grin spread across his face.”

Elsewhere in Parnell’s first book, another female character – and then physical and verbal abuse – seduced a younger woman, calling her a “little cola whore.” The older woman “loved the flicker of pain” in the eyes of her younger target, Parnell wrote.

His campaign did not directly answer a question as to why in several scenes in the book he described attackers who welcomed their abuse of women.

Parnell, who has been backed by former President Donald Trump, has not tried to hide his fiction writing career. While the campaign site only mentions the title of Parnell’s nonfiction 2016 New York Times bestseller “Outlaw Platoon”, a report on his military service in Afghanistan a decade earlier, it acknowledges that he has authored several fiction books.

His other works of fiction do not contain comparable scenes of violence against women, according to a review of the books by POLITICO.

Parnell, who attended Ranger School and was part of the 10th Mountain Division, which received specialized training for combat in harsh elements, was able to draw from his own military and experience to include real-world details. in his military thriller novels.

His campaign has rejected attacks on his character, releasing internal polls last week that showed him a 20-point lead over the other Republicans – with 57 percent of the GOP’s primary voters still undecided in the race.

The seat held by retiring Senator Pat Toomey is crucial for the GOP to defend in 2022 to take the Senate majority, and the new allegations of assault could pose a significant obstacle for Parnell in the primary election, while questioning his viability as a candidate.

The new allegations make Parnell the third leading GOP Senate candidate in this cycle to face allegations of domestic or sexual abuse. Retired football star Herschel Walker – also approved by Trump – is leading the Georgia GOP primary, despite recent news coverage of his ex-wife securing a protective order against him in 2005, alleging violent behavior. She previously said Walker aimed a gun at her head and threatened to kill her.

In Missouri, attack ads are already in the air targeting former Gov. Eric Greitens, who was accused of tying up his former hairdresser in his basement and sexually assaulting her. A Missouri Legislative Committee investigating the allegations described the woman as a “credible witness.”

Jeff Bartos, one of Parnell’s biggest Republican opponents in the Pennsylvania race, quickly began attacking Parnell as an anti-woman after Parnell received Trump approval in September. Days after Trump’s announcement, the Bartos campaign distributed police reports showing that Snell had issued protective orders against him. The interim orders that Snell received in 2017 and 2018 were later deleted by the judge.

“It’s more than absurd” that the media and Bartos’ campaign “are so obsessed with smearing the American war hero and New York Times bestselling author Sean Parnell that they are now trying to hold him personally responsible for the actions of fictional characters in his works. of fiction that does not exist in real life, “said campaign spokesman Ian Prior in an email statement last week, who also noted that Bartos was detained in Bill Clinton’s White House.” What’s next, a bomb exposure? who attacks Sean Parnell for his time abroad, where he fights terrorists? “

Prior to this week’s custody hearings, a judge rejected Parnell’s requests for a gag verdict against his wife. Parnell is scheduled to present his arguments in the case next week.

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