Scottish deer dog Claire will be the first repeated Best in Show winner at the National Dog Show

For the second year in a row, Claire beat more than 180 breeds of other dogs and won the Best in Show title at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia.

This is the first time a defending champion has won the top title two years in a row.

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Good genes must run in the family; Claire’s grandmother Hickory won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2011.

The National Dog Show, hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, was held over two days on November 20th and 21st. The show, which first aired on NBC in 2002, has been airing on Thanksgiving after Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for nearly 20 years.

The show was founded by The Kennel Club of Philadelphia in 1879 and has been held annually since 1933.

The Westminster Show in 2022 will be held in January.


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