Savatage legend Jon Oliva arrested for Dui, possession of cocaine

SAVATAGE Legend JON OLIVA Arrested for DUI, possession of cocaine

According to the website of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, legendary SAVATAGE singer John Nicholas “Jon” Oliva was arrested earlier this week on the west central coast of Florida for driving under the influence as well as possession of a controlled substance.

The Pasco County Jail website shows that the 62-year-old musician was arrested at 3:43 Thursday (September 30) and was released on bail less than 24 hours later-at. 12:34 Friday (October 1).

Police charged Oliva with possession of cocaine, which is a crime, and DUI, which is a misdemeanor.

Oliva‘s booking photo released by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office shows him apparently wearing a hospital gown and sporting what appear to be fresh scratches on his nose and left cheek, suggesting he may have been injured in a car accident, before he was arrested.

More information on Olivaarrest can be found on the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office website (where he is listed under booking number: 254418).

Back in 2016, Jon announced on social media that he had a stroke in April of that year. At the time, he said, “It was not as serious as it could have been, but it left me with some physical recovery challenges that were often associated with stroke.”

Despite his health problems, Jon said he did not regret the way he had lived his life. He wrote: “I lived the rock’n’roll lifestyle since I was 18. That was all I knew and I enjoyed the trip a lot. But there comes a time in everyone’s life where you have to step back and make some life-changing decisions … that I have. “

Shortly after SAVATAGEreunification achievement in 2015 Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany, Oliva claimed he was feeling better than he had had for 20 years because he had “stopped drinking and eating” in preparation for the concert. He explained: “It’s my voice that scares me, because even when I was in my late 20s, early 30s, I made songs like ’24 hours ago’ was always really hard to do. And of course, I did not realize that it was all the drugs and alcohol I was making. But after doing that, I got going on things and things, sang ’24 hours ago’, it’s actually easy now. [Laughs]”

In the past, Oliva has talked openly about going “a little too far” over SAVATAGE‘s 1988 tour with MEGADETH and living the “rock ‘n’ roll life” that eventually forced him to seek treatment at a chemical rehabilitation center. As a result, SAVATAGE had to cancel a scheduled trip, including European dates.

IN 2012, Oliva told Metal blasting about his early problems with drugs and alcohol: “We were crazy, but we had so much fun. We were all in our prime, and just loved to have fun. Back then, you just got caught up in it; before you even realized, that you had a drug problem, it was already too late, because everywhere you went, people gave you pot, cola, a drink … I mean, I never went anywhere from 1984 to 2001, when someone had not tried to give me drugs or alcohol. “

In addition to his work with SAVATAGE, Oliva is known for helping to create the classic music-meets-prog-rock and pyro-act TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA together with the project founder Paul O’Neill. Oliva has allegedly been involved in TSOactivities even after O’NeillApril 2017 died of an accidental overdose drug.

Last March, Oliva revealed for “80s Glam Metalcast” that he struggled with COVID-19 for two months last year. “I had it for eight weeks and I would not have wanted it for my worst enemy in the world,” he said (hear sound below). “I would not have wanted it for anyone. It was brutal – it was real. It sucked. But I’m fine now. And I’m getting my vaccination here in the next week or so. And that’s it. So I lived through that. [Laughs] They do not want me in heaven. Christ does not make me up there because the first thing I do when I get to Heaven is that I strike Paul O’Neill and Criss Oliva [late SAVATAGE guitarist and Jon‘s brother] in the face.”

Jonis brother Criss, who was one of the founders of SAVATAGE, was killed in October 1993 by a drunk driver when he and his wife Dawn was on his way to Pets festival in Zephyrhills, Florida. The driver of the other car was found to have a drink-driving record of seven previous DUIs and have a blood alcohol content of .294 percent.

Reservation photo with permission for Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

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