Salt Bae staff paid less than a bowl of chips at his London restaurant

The staff at Salt Bae’s new London restaurant are paid less than the price of one of the cheapest items on the menu.

According to one advertisement for a Chef de Partie at Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge, “an extremely competitive salary” of £ 12-13.50 will be offered per hour.

The job advertisement reads: “Great opportunity for an experienced Chef De Partie to join the Nusret team in the new restaurant in London!

As Chef De Partie, you will work with some of the finest ingredients from the UK and abroad in one of the most famous steakhouses in the world.

“You will play a crucial role in a great team and will support the chef during the service.

“For the successful candidate, Nusret London offers a highly competitive salary and excellent opportunities to develop a global career.”

‘Very competitive salary’

Although this is slightly above the average Chef de Partie average salary of £ 11 per hour, the chef, according to Glass Door, has been criticized for the relatively low salary compared to his menu prices.

At the lowest of £ 12, the hourly wage is less than the price of a bowl of homemade chips. Elsewhere, it’s just a little over £ 10 serving of french fries or £ 9 Coca-Cola, and the same price as sides of corn on the cob, sautéed mushrooms or mashed potatoes.

It is then not surprising that not a single applicant responded to the recruitment call for waiters, runners, bartenders and other roles at the opening.

Eye-catching prices

This news follows Salt Bae’s London restaurant, which has been under fire for various reasons since opening in September. In addition to its eye-catching prices, with a gold-plated Tomahawk steak costing up to £ 1450, the restaurateur has also been accused of erasing negative customer reviews.

As expected, people have taken to social media to criticize Salt Bae and his luxury steakhouse based on staff salaries.

A Twitter user wrote: “Salt Bae is offering a salary of £ 12 an hour to a chef in his exorbitant Knightsbridge steakhouse.

“The chef had to work for 121 hours to pay for the restaurant’s £ 1,450 giant golden tomahawk steak!”

Another added: “Salt Bae charges £ 1.5k for a piece of steak while paying his staff minimum wage. That guy is a savage.”

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