Safety catches Yankees fan who hit Alex Verdugo with a ball

Safety catches Yankees fan who hit Alex Verdugo with a ball

Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo was hit in the back with a baseball thrown by a fan in the sixth inning at Yankee Stadium on Saturday night.

After being hit, Verdugo was furious and shouted to fans in the stands, and Boston manager Alex Cora took his team off the field for a few minutes before the match restarted. It was eventually called up due to rain after six innings, with the Yankees winning 3-1.

Several fans in the left pitchfork told The Post that the ball was thrown into the stands after warming up between the top and bottom of the sixth. Chants immediately set off using their skill at pressing their opponents. He did, and it hit Verdugo. The fan was pushed out of the game.

“He turned around and he started yelling at them,” security guard Carlos Ventura said, referring to Verdugo. “My supervisor found the person and they got him.”

“One thing I learned last year and this is something I’ve forgotten all my career, this is just a game,” Cora said. “It’s a game. This is not life and death. It’s not this drama. The fact that people came to the ballpark and they decided to throw at one of the players I was in shock that happened. ”

Cora said he pulled the Red Sox off the field to reassure Verdugo and make sure nothing worse happened.

“I know my left field man. I know Alex, ”said Cora. “He needed time to breathe and get his thoughts. It seemed like no one was listening to me. You never know. What if he jumps over the fence? What if he goes up there? ”

Verdugo said he tried to throw the ball to a young Red Sox fan in the crowd, but it settled with a Yankees fan.

“As fans, you have to be better,” Verdugo said. “You do not throw s – t at people. You would not do that to anyone on the street.

“It does not sit right with me.”


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