Ryan Reynolds releases McDonald’s McRib-inspired cocktail

A sour, juicy item that is gaining a cult-like following around the world has returned to McDonald’s locations south of the border.

Forget “Return of the Mack”, it’s the return of the rack … of the ribs – um, okay, it’s McRib, not exactly rack-like, but you get it.

No matter how you choose to describe it, McRib’s return always initiates a complete food frenzy under the fast food restaurant’s brand, Golden Arches. Unfortunately, Canadians will not have the opportunity to enjoy the meaty madness right now; it is only available to Americans at the moment.

But locals can enjoy something that can hit a little harder (or a lot, depending on how you look at it).

Beloved Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds has shared a video of a McRib-inspired cocktail to celebrate the juicy selection’s 40th anniversary. It is called Gin Riblet and includes half an ounce of sour barbecue sauce.

“Not sure if gin and barbecue sauce fit together? Well, let me Mc-prove it,” the joker says, before explaining what ingredients are included in the “glass-shaped cocktail” based on the “rib-shaped sandwich”.

At the end of the video, Reynolds states that it is “like a bloody Mary’s hotter cousin.”

Earlier this year was Deadpool star created a refreshing gin cocktail in a new video to celebrate Father’s Day – but the name may surprise you.

Called “The Vasectomy”, the Aviation Gin cocktail requires an ounce and a half of the hard stuff, a glass of ice cream, an ounce of cranberry juice, three ounces of tonic water and a splash of lemon juice.

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