Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Roy Keane has hit Manchester United players after the recent firing of Ole Gunnar Solskjær and insisted that they “threw him under the bus.”

Solskjær was fired last Sunday morning after the 4-1 defeat to Watford less than 24 hours earlier, meaning United are heading into this afternoon’s clash with Chelsea under the leadership of interim boss Michael Carrick.

Prior to Solskjær’s departure, Keane had predicted that the players would eventually cost the Norwegian his job, with the former Reds captain now repeating his previous recording.

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He has strongly criticized the players for their lack of work out of possession, and insists that they do not produce the same level of desire and hunger when seeking to regain the ball as Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City do.

For the former United captain, that is what separates the Reds from being able to challenge the Premier League’s current title candidates.

Keane told Sky Sports: “They do not work as hard as the top three teams, who are brilliant, have a lot of talent, are well trained and they run; United players have stopped running in the last few months.

“Marcus Rashford has said that the players must take responsibility – but these players do not. We saw a good example after the Watford match, where the players have gone over and tried to defend their manager.

“It was too late, the injury had happened.

“I said over the last year or two that leopards are not changing their positions. Man United have talented players, especially in ball possession. But unfortunately, the game is also about when you are out of ball possession.

“If you want to compare them to Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City, it’s chalk and cheese. These players do not run, they do not sprint, they do not shut down, they do not work as a team and they work as individuals, they are almost only dependent on their talent, which also falls short.

“It’s not enough to win the big prizes and it’s not good enough. We’re talking about culture and I do not know what’s been going on on the training ground every single day, but the signs are again that this United group is working. not hard enough.

“They do not seem like good enough boys to me in terms of that leadership and that personality (lacks). But that’s what you need.

“I think sometimes now when the players are interviewed that they are like robots. During the last week where many of the players have talked about the manager leaving, they keep saying Ole. Ole was their gaffer. Maybe Ole was too kind to them.

“Maybe it was a problem. Maybe he was too sweet to these boys because these guys did what I predicted and threw him under a bus.”

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