Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

TORONTO – Dog owners in Toronto’s Riverside neighborhood are advised to be careful after a man was seen spraying an unknown substance in a public dog water bowl over the weekend.

“Wanting to hurt dogs, especially for me, is pretty worrying and disturbing,” Michael Catafalmo told CTV News Toronto.

Catafalmo is the manager of SPIRITLEAF Cannabis on Queen Street East. The store’s surveillance video shows a man, in a black and white hooded coat, walking past the pharmacy around 12:30 on Saturday. About ten seconds later, he returns with something in his hands. You then see the man unpack the item and appear to be spraying a substance in a dog water bowl placed on the store’s perks.

“It simply came to our notice then. I can not believe anyone would bend so low to harm our dog community, ”said resident Ryan, who owns a Rottweiler named Molly.

Shortly after the man walks away, one can see a woman with dog approaching the store, but she shyes away from the water bowl. She has just been warned by a witness who saw what happened. The witness then warns the store staff.

“We acted quickly and just dumped the water, first instinct, and then contacted the police,” says Catafalmo.

The substance in the bowl was actually never analyzed, so the police do not know what – if anything – the water was laced with. Nevertheless, the incident is outrageous to the area’s dog owners.

“Obviously it’s trying to be hurtful to the dogs and we love our dogs, especially in this community. Most of the companies are really dog ​​friendly,” said Claire, owner of a small black dog named Maple.

Angela, who owns two dogs, meanwhile, added: “Animals do nothing but want to be loved. If someone wants to do that, it just means they are very insensitive, indifferent.”

Police from the 55th Department are now investigating. Store employees describe the suspect as a white man between 35 and 45 years old, five-foot-eight-inch to five-foot-11-inch, weighing between 170 and 200 lbs, with a light beard and mustache.


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