Police will increase the presence in two infamous hotspots for anti-social behavior

Two infamous hotspots for antisocial behavior should benefit from an increased police presence.

Two new police “posts” have been opened in Tameside by Greater Manchester Police and Tameside Council – in Ashton Market Hall and Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw.

The new locations will provide officers and PCSOs with a base so they can spend more time in the community, even if they are not open to the public in the same way as a police station.

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The ‘postings’ have been created to tackle any issues that arise in two places where there have been repeated episodes of antisocial behavior.

Ch Insp Lee Broadstock, Tameside Neighborhood Police Officer, said: “The new police posts provided through our strong partnership with the Tameside Council will increase the visibility and accessibility of our local Ashton and Audenshaw police forces and strengthen Greater Manchester. Police involvement in our neighborhood police service. ”

Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw also has a new police station
Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw also has a new police station

It is hoped that the new base in Ashton will provide some security to the community in a place that has been plagued by antisocial behavior and crime.

Knife crime, drug activity, and drunken and disorderly conduct are all topics that GMP has been eager to crack down on in the city center in recent months, following an increase in incidents following the end of lockdown restrictions.

The outdoor market area is a particularly infamous hotspot for items – such as the fire that took place at the stalls in September.

That Manchester Evening News understands that a group of young people had gathered at the outdoor market stalls in downtown Ashton on the evening of September 6th.

Damage from the fire at Ashton Market on September 6th
Damage from the fire at Ashton Market on September 6th

A woman was arrested in connection with the incident fourteen days later, and was released pending further investigation. She was not meant to be the only perpetrator.

Councilor Allison Gwynne, executive member of the Tameside Council in charge of public safety, said: “Concerns have been expressed about antisocial behavior by a minority of individuals and the new police positions are just one of a series of steps we are taking to address this.

“The settings should help provide additional visible police presence in these locations and increase community safety.”

Both the GMP and the Tameside Council will hope to see similar success from the new city center post as they did during an action day with the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service last Tuesday.


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Officers maintained a strong presence in the city center throughout the day, leading to 10 arrests for offenses, including theft, possession of drugs, and criminal misconduct.

Police recorded a 95% reduction in the number of antisocial behavior calls in Tameside on the day.

Meanwhile, Ryecroft Hall was the target of ‘quite regular’ antisocial behavior during the summer months, when young people were seen climbing onto the roof of the Grade II listed building back in August.

Residents have also reported frequent antisocial behavior in the surrounding park on social media, along with plants that have been torn up and slate tiles have been thrown.

In a post on his Facebook page, Councilor Oliver Ryan in Audenshaw added: “The new post will mean a more visible police presence around Audenshaw as our local police will be based there and this will help tackle anti-social behavior around the hall , our important civic building. “

Ashton Police Station remains open to the public from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and from 10am to 6pm on weekends and public holidays.

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