Pixel 6 gets a fingerprint calibration tool from Google

The Pixel 6 series debuts the first two smartphones Google has ever sold with fingerprint sensors in the display, which unfortunately means that a broken display can also result in non-functional biometrics. To help with the repair process, Google has added a fingerprint calibration tool to its Pixel Repair Tool so you can repair your Pixel 6 monitor yourself.

“Pixel Repair Tool” is a little known online tool that can help you get a Pixel smartphone up and running if something goes wrong. It’s also another option to install Android updates, which we explained back in February 2020.

Probably over the last few weeks, Google has quietly added a new option to this tool that can install “Fingerprint calibration software” on your Pixel 6 device. The addition was highlighted by the people over at XDA.

Install the fingerprint scanner calibration software below the screen. This is necessary if your monitor is replaced. The software supports Pixel 6, 6 Pro.

Although the Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor may be a little more picky than most, we would advise against using this tool in the hopes of making it work better than it does today.

Provided you can get your fingers in the necessary parts, this publicly facing Pixel repair tool can make it easy to get your device up and running if your screen breaks and requires a replacement. It’s a big gesture towards those who are willing to try a do-it-yourself display installation, and it probably also makes the task easier for workshops.

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