Pelicans want him to be their Chris Paul; Mavs, Heat, 76ers interested

Pelicans want him to be their Chris Paul;  Mavs, Heat, 76ers interested

Kyle Lowry is in demand.

More in demand than one might expect from a 35-year-old point guard who has had injury problems four of the last five seasons. However, he is still a recent player at the All-Star level in a sought-after position around the league. Many teams are queuing for him.

The New Orleans Pelicans have been known to be on this list for a while – and they are considered a long shot to land him. The sales pitch will essentially be a huge contract – the Pelicans have just made a big deal to clear the ceiling – and a Chris Paul with Suns kind of role, reports Brian Windhorst at ESPN.

Griffin hopes to come up with a huge offer for veteran-free agent agent Kyle Lowry, sources say in an attempt to import the type of management that Chris Paul brought to the Suns last year to turn them into providers.

The challenges here are twofold. First, Paul joined the Suns after a strong season in Oklahoma City, looked like he had rejuvenated his body and game, flourished in the mentoring role and was an All-NBA player the season before coming to Phoenix. Lowry saw a step slower last season, has had injury problems and was not an All-Star.

The other is that Lowry wants another ring, and other suitors who are closer to that goal are going to ring. From Marc Stein’s newsletter:

The Dallas Mavericks’ aftermath focus, sources say, will be the pursuit of Kyle Lowry (along with Miami, New Orleans and Philadelphia), and their attempt to sign Tim Hardaway Jr. Dallas was originally expected to wait and see if Kawhi Leonard signaled he was open to leaving the Clippers, but the Mavericks have moved away from those plans.

Dallas has Luka Doncic to share playmaking duties (New Orleans has Zion Williamson). The Heat have Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and a culture that got them to the finals two seasons ago. Philadelphia goes home and he fits in better with Joel Embiid (this is likely to be a sign and trade involving Ben Simmons). We also know that LeBron James and the Lakers also want Lowry, and there may be mutual interest. However, the logistics of getting him to Los Angeles are challenging because it involves a sign-and-trade that both heavily covers the Lakers and forces them to empty their role-playing depth to accommodate three stars (LeBron, Lowry and Anthony Davis combined would earn at least $ 101 million and the hard limit is $ 143 million, that’s not a lot of extra money to bring championship-ready players to go around the stars).

Lowry would fit well into the pelicans and make them better, and they can throw a lot of money at him if that’s what Lowry wants. If not, Stein says, make sure the Pelicans go after the Nets’ free agent point guard Spencer Dinwiddie.

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