Paris -Roubaix Women 2021 – Live coverage


It’s SD Worx at the front of the peloton with Christine Majerus

Deignan now leads by 2 minutes

60 km left

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After the third sector with the cobblestones in Tilloy, Lizzie Deignan has a one-minute lead.

Lizzie Deignan solo on Paris-Roubaix Women

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70 km left

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Deignan has 45 seconds on the peloton

78 km left

When the riders hit the first cobblestones, it was Lizzie Deignan from Trek-Segafredo who had a small hole on the rest of the herd.

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The riders have reached the first cobbled sector, Hornaing à Wandignies. From this point on, the peloton will follow the exact route of the men’s race.

80 km left

Emilie Moberg from Drops-Le Col and Nicole Steigenga from Doltcini- Van Eyck- Proximus are in front

92 km left

There are three riders in front, two in front and a lone hunter.

100 km left

This race means as much to the riders as it does to the fans. Lizzie Deignan describes herself as “a fan” who runs the Paris Roubaix Femmes.

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The first round of the Denain circuit has been completed and the platoon is all

112 km left

We have a pair of new jerseys in the peloton today, starting with the new world champion, Elisa Balsamo as well as Ellen van Dijk in her European champion jersey and the Canadian national champion Alison Jackson.

World champion Elisa Balsamo wears the rainbow jersey for the first time at the inauguration of the Paris-Roubaix Femmes

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The race begins in Denain, south of Roubaix. The peloton travels 115.6 km kilometers before ending in the iconic Roubaix Velodrome. There are 17 cobbled sectors where the pavement begins after just 20 km of running.

And they’re out! The wheels are officially turning for the first Paris Roubaix Femmes ever.

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Jolien d’Hoore:

“For women’s cycling it’s a bit of a historic day and for me personally it’s a special day too. I think I can end my career in a nice way and hopefully we can show again that we can give a good races for women’s cycling. ”

“It’s a beautiful race, it has so much prestige, and it’s a race I remember when I was a little girl. It’s not that far from Belgium either, and I think it’s a course that really fits me, it’s flat and it also has cobblestones so I think it could be a nice day for me. ”

What makes Paris Roubaix different?

“It’s a race we’ve never had before. We’ve had cobblestone races, but this’s the next level, so I’m really looking forward to what it’s going to give today. It’s going to be tough, it’s definitely for the whole body, but I’m really looking forward to it. ”

“We had quite a few reconnaissance with the team. I think we made six in total, and then we tested a lot of equipment from Specialized, tires, wheels. We also have a special bike with suspension front and rear. I think in terms of equipment is we’re pretty well prepared, so now it’s up to the legs. ”

“It’s been crazy all week with the media, but it’s really nice, and you can see it means a lot to a lot of people. Not just for women, but just a really big race, and I’m really proud that we can be a part of it right now, so hopefully we can make it a good day. ”

Paris-Roubaix Women 2021

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Annemiek van Vleuten before starting:

“I think it’s a historic moment, everyone will of course say this. It’s nice that today we can show that we are tough women, that we can also run a race like Paris Roubaix. It’s an achievement I also think … I think it will be really quickly reduced to a smaller group, especially with the wind that will also play a role today.Already on the local rounds there is the possibility of echelons, so it’s a bit sad , that the television starts a little too late for that, because there will be action after KM20. ”

On her hopes for her race:

“having a small reduced group would be better for me personally, that the group was quickly reduced and then we can drive from there.”

Paris-Roubaix Women

(Photo credit: Daniel Ostanek)

There is also rain in the weather forecast, which means that the cobblestones will be extra treacherous …

Trek-Segafredo has been out inspecting.

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It is only 125 years since the first men in Paris Roubaix, but better late than never. Click here for a little history of women’s views on this historic first edition.

Paris Roubaix Women’s Day is here!

Hello and welcome to our live text coverage of the first Paris Roubaix ever.

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