Paras evacuates the first 200 Britons from Afghanistan

Within less than two hours of contact at Kabul Hamid Karzai International on Saturday night, paratroopers had deployed on the streets of the capital.

A soldier told The Telegraph that the streets were busy, the night was hot, and at times the military was forced to get out of their vehicles to move displaced people off their road so they could continue on to find them. had been sent to rescue.

He said the evacuation of soldiers from 2 Para “obviously shows strategic range, flexibility to adapt to a new environment and ultimate responsiveness.

“It’s a complex and rapidly evolving situation, but it’s under control,” the soldier said. “We train for any situation, so we are well prepared for the job.”

The source added that those who had been rescued were “relieved to get out” and said “a friendly British face goes a long way”.

The evacuees were fed once they had been brought to the airfield, although the soldier said “the conditions were basic, reflecting the acute nature of the extraction”.

He added that while the mood was “mostly good”, there was discouragement over the unrest that was flooding Afghanistan.


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