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“I’d dealt with 20 officers over this because it’s always different officers. I had reasonable conversations with maybe two of them out of 20. And it was appreciated, but they really could not do anything because they insisted on , that it was a peaceful protest, “Agg said. “I could hardly hear them insist because the pots were knocked so high in the background, as if I do not know how anyone could say that this is a peaceful protest.”

Protesters began targeting his restaurant after her spoke for vaccine passports in Ontario. Since then, several videos have been shared on Twitter showing scenes of protesters threatens to spit into the faces of borrowers or knock pots while singing “No vaccine passport!

According to Agg, police have told diners and staff not to oppose the protesters.

“Are you kidding me? These people are incredibly verbally violent, no matter the danger of spraying aerosols everywhere while screaming in your face in the middle of a saliva-based pandemic,” Agg said. “It’s just wrong on so many levels. So it’s not just about noise and that kind of violent feeling, it’s about the actual danger because they’re clearly not vaccinated.”

Toronto Police are planning to attend this weekend

A representative of the Toronto Police Service (TPS) told Narcity that they have been answering five calls about protests at the restaurant since the end of July.

“Every time [police] has been there to keep the peace and ensure that the sidewalk is not blocked and to monitor, “TPS wrote in an email before adding that everyone has a” legal right “to protest peacefully.

“Officers will try to interact with all groups, including counter-protesters, and will remind them of the expected behavior. If crimes are committed, officers can make arrests at the time it is justified,” police continued. “This weekend we will have additional officers in the area who monitor and work with business owners to resolve any concerns.”

Agg reacts to protesters

On Thursday, August 26, Agg shared a screenshot of an email she had received from one of the protesters, who wrote that they believe “the situation has reached a point where both parties can have a dialogue”.

“We do not hate you as a person, Jen. However, we are diametrically opposed to your request for a vaccine passport,” the email continued. “You are a prominent voice in this city and we find your call to be unacceptable because it marginalizes some of the most vulnerable in society.”

“We are not anti vaxxers, as you think,” they wrote. “Some of us have been vaccinated in the past. We are against stigma, marginalization and the creation of a two-part society.”

The email then describes their position on the use of vaccine passports before limiting it by claiming to put the proverbial ball in Aggs court.

“If you publicly withdraw your statement, we will leave,” they wrote. “Your move, Jen.”

To which Agg replied, “You chose a fight with the wrong bitch man!” and further clarified that she understands medical exemption from vaccination in immunocompromised people.

Support for Agg and Bar Vendetta

In light of recent protests, Agg said she has received phone calls and “beautiful” emails from people across the country showing their support. However, she has been disappointed at how little support she has received from them in the restaurant community.

“I have had very little public support from prominent restaurant people,” Agg said. “I could count on one hand how many. It can be so isolating to always be out in front of something like that as I always try to think big picture, be in front of the basket, especially when it comes to public safety.”

Agg said she chatted with Mayor John Tory a few days ago, and while he has already issued a statement against the protests, there has still been no response from the Ford government.

Narcity has contacted Ford’s office a few times to get a comment, but did not respond when this article was printed.

“The problem is that Ford needs to intensify and mandate vaccine passes for fun things, because that’s what gets our last [percentages] of young people vaccinated, “Agg said.

The Ontario government has already said it will not implement the use of vaccine passports nationwide because it will lead to a “divided society.”

“Something like this will just keep happening until the government steps in and grows a backbone and stands up for these people,” Agg told Narcity.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on vaccines and can answer any questions you may have. Click here for more information.

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