Ontario Premier Doug Ford announces $ 15 reinstated minimum wage increase in Milton, Ont.

Premier Doug Ford will formally announce a plan to reintroduce a minimum wage increase to $ 15, which he canceled three years ago at a press conference in Milton on Tuesday morning.

Sources told CTV News Toronto on Monday that Ford plans to announce that the minimum wage will increase from $ 14.35 to $ 15 by next year.

A minimum wage of $ 15 was to take effect in 2019 in a plan developed by the former Liberal government, but Ford suspended it when he took office and instead tied wage increases beyond $ 14 to annual inflation.

He also passed a low-income tax deduction, which he said could effectively exempt full-time minimum wages from paying provincial income tax.

However, an independent analysis showed that the tax deduction left all minimum wage earners worse off than they would have been with a minimum wage of $ 15.

Canada’s annual inflation rate has hit generational highs of between four and five percent in recent months, making wages and purchasing power a major concern for many Canadians.

Deena Ladd, CEO of Workers’ Action Center, told CP24 on Tuesday that it is clear to her that Ford realizes he has made mistakes in how his government treats workers.

“This should have been in place three years ago in 2019, he also took paid sick days and many other protections that would have made workers safer in a pandemic.”

“This is a complete election trick, we are eight months away. I think the Prime Minister knows he was wrong and needs to rectify it.”

Ford is joined in Milton by Treasury Secretary Peter Bethlenfalvy and Labor Secretary Monte McNaughton.

Advertising begins at 11.00, and CP24 will broadcast it live on air and online.

–With files from CP24’s Josh Freeman and CTV News Toronto’s Colin D’Mello


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