One of the biggest games ever gets a big spin-off

Players in the United States may not be familiar with The Glory of the Kings, but MOBA has been a massive success in China since it was released back in 2015; last year, publisher Tencent revealed that the game reached more than 100 million daily users! Although the title will not be released outside the region anytime soon, developer TiMi Studio has announced a spin-off that will reach worldwide across multiple platforms. Unlike the previous game, Honor of Kings: World will not be a MOBA, but rather an open world title featuring massive monster encounters., and some interesting creature designs.

The trailer for Honor of Kings: World can be found embedded below. The trailer is exclusively in Chinese, but there are English subtitles. Author Liu Cixin (The three-body Problem) will play a role in the development of the game world.

While The Glory of the Kings may not be a well-known name outside of China, TiMi Studio has made a much bigger name outside the region over the last few months. The developer is responsible for Pokemon Unite, which has become a pretty big hit across the globe. TiMi Studio clearly has an ability to create games within the MOBA genre, but it will be interesting to see how it tackles an open-world game.

Players are fickle and it is not always easy to see which games will be a hit and which will not find interest. Players in the United States may have rejected MiHoYo’s Genshin impact before it was released, but the title has enjoyed massive success over the past year. It’s possible Honor of Kings: World could end up in a similar situation, but it seems like a sure bet that it will at least prove very successful in its home region. So far, we just have to wait and see. Unfortunately, TiMi Studio has not revealed a release window for the game as of this writing.

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