NYC panhandler chucks bricks at Pickle Guys employee in attack

A furious pan dealer threw a brick at a Pickle Guys employee during an unhindered attack triggered when the employee asked him to move away from the store entrance, according to police and dramatic new video.

The suspect had been aggressively begging for money outside the eatery on Grand Street near Essex Street on the Lower East Side around 8:20 a.m. Wednesday when the 63-year-old worker told him to continue, police said.

In return, the suspect retrieved a red chair from the outdoor dining area and threatened the victim with it, footage from the NYPD shows late Monday.

He then punched the victim in the face before a fight ensued – ending with the suspect throwing the employee to the ground, according to the video.

The clip then cut to the worker holding and waving a stick — apparently in self-defense — as the assailant approached him.

Man throws bricks.
A pan dealer threw a brick at the Pickle Guys employee after he was asked to move away from the store entrance.

The suspect then took a brick and threw it at the victim – punched him in the face – before walking off, the clip shows.

Suspects hit employee.
The suspect took a chair and threatened the employee with it before hitting him in the face.
Men on earth.
The suspect threw the employee to the ground.
Men are fighting.
The worker held and waved a stick in apparent self-defense before the suspect grabbed the brick.

The victim was taken to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital for a cut to the nose and bruises on his wrist, police said.


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