NT Covid-19 case will not tell authorities about his vaccination status

NT Covid-19 case will not tell authorities about his vaccination status

The man, who tested positive for Covid-19 in northern territory on Monday, has refused to tell authorities whether he has been vaccinated or not, authorities say.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the man had cooperated in every way except by stating if he had been vaccinated.

“He will not reveal his vaccination status, so we will have to operate as if he were unvaccinated,” Gunner said at a news conference Tuesday.

“He may have been vaccinated. But he will not tell us.

“I do not know why he will not tell us about his vaccination status.”

Gunner said the man was a U.S. citizen and that NT authorities had made the decision to “respect” his decision not to disclose his vaccination status.

Asked whether the territory would consider changing its vaccination information policy, Gunner said: “It is important to keep adapting like the virus and therefore we will review all policies at the end of this lockdown.”

NT did not register any new locally acquired Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, but Gunner warned the territories that they “are not out of the woods”.

He said the positive Covid case had since been tested again and proved to be more contagious for his second result.

“His second test was more contagious than his first,” Gunner said.

“That means we discovered the infection early.

“It also indicates that he was more contagious in Katherine than he was in Darwin.”

About 300 people have been identified as close or casual contacts.

Ninety-nine of these are close contacts.

Gunner warned the territories not to become complacent, saying the NT “still (would) get a lot more (test results) back today.”

“We are not going to have a better picture of how we are going to be late tonight at the earliest, but much more likely tomorrow morning,” he said.

The Prime Minister stressed that because of this, testing in Katherine is “so important today.”

Greater Darwin and Katherine were thrown out in a snap three-day lockdown on Monday after the discovery of the positive case.

This was a man in his 30s who traveled to the NT on Thursday after completing a 14-day quarantine period in Sydney.

This is the second lockdown in three months for Top End. Alice Springs and Greater Darwin were sent into lockdown in June after a number of workers at the Tanami mine tested positive for the virus.


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