NSW residents and businesses will get more support in the lockdown

Support is on its way to NSW as the state announces a further four-week lockdown, with NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet announcing that NSW companies are now eligible for payments of up to $ 100,000 per week.

“We currently have a revenue threshold of $ 50 million. It will be extended from this week, back to Monday at $ 250m, “Perrottet said on Wednesday.

This means that even NSW’s largest companies are now eligible for support payments.

“This will ensure that around 460,000 companies with a 30 percent revenue reduction are eligible for these support payments. That is an increase compared to 230,000 companies, ”said Perrottet.

The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that the new limit of $ 100,000 would be paid back to companies, from the start of the scheme.

“Companies that have already submitted an application do not have to do anything, their payment is adjusted automatically,” the prime minister’s office said.

But payments are still conditional on companies maintaining the same number of employees as July 13th.

“Companies cannot reduce the number of employees. We want to ensure that workers stay connected to their companies as we move through this lockdown period, ”Perrottet said.

Additional support is also expected for individuals, but details of this will be announced by Scott Morrison later on Wednesday.

“The Prime Minister will announce later today a statement on individual payments, emergency payments and extensions of this program,” Perrottet said.

On Wednesday morning, Federal Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said the support would be targeted at individuals, households and businesses based in NSW to help them “get through” the lockdown and stress the importance of the NSW economy “coming back strong”, after the lockdown is completed.

However, companies such as exclusive distributors will not receive any additional support at this time.

“(Ir) payments remain set at $ 1,000 per week,” the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed.

Sir. Perrottet urged NSW companies to be patient as they waited for their extra money.

“Nearly 29 percent of companies have had a decline of about 30 percent – that is, micro-enterprises, medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises,” he said.

“Please go to Services NSW, be patient.

“Many companies apply. We want to get the money out the door as soon as possible. ”

On Tuesday, Mr Perrottet slammed the federal government, calling for the return of the JobKeeper scheme for NSW.

But when ABC was asked on Wednesday morning whether Mr Morrison would announce the return of JobKeeper later on Wednesday, Senator Birmingham replied with a firm “no”.

“JobKeeper was designed to work across the entire Australian nation,” he said.

“Now under the Delta strain, we are dealing with these localized lockdowns, which is why the Covid disaster payment can apply in these local settings.”


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