‘Nothing loose’ between Aaron Rodgers, Packers, as the start of training camp weaved

‘Nothing loose’ between Aaron Rodgers, Packers, as the start of training camp weaved

With the first practice camp training now a week away, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodger’s future remains unchanged and unclear.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, “no one can say for sure” whether Rodgers will report for the start of Packers training next week. Rapoport also reports that the situation “is essentially exactly the same as it was in March and April”, and Rodgers remains frustrated with the organization over several different issues.

The Packers have veteran players scheduled to report to training camp on Tuesday, July 27, with the first practice scheduled for Wednesday, July 28.

The 2020 NFL MVP already skipped the entire offseason training program and has not committed to playing for the Packers by 2021.

“Nothing has been resolved,” Rapoport said.

The Packers have tried to solve the problem by flying out to California to meet Rodgers this offseason and are also offering a contract extension that will make him the league’s highest paid player. But it seems that nothing has helped solve the still vague problems that sit entirely between Rodgers and the organization.

Time is running out, but deadlines often encourage action. Can the Packers and future Hall of Fame quarterback find a compromise that includes Rodgers, who plays at Green Bay for at least the 2021 season? Or will the confrontation linger in the training camp and force one side to blink?

The answers come after a long offseason of speculation. At this point next week, the Packers and the rest of the football world know how serious Aaron Rodgers is with the current issues.


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