Northern Ireland Weather: Dates for first snow can be expected in 2021 according to the Met Office

As the clocks have gone back and we are now in November, those dark and cold nights are upon us.

And as temperatures begin to fall later in the week, with some parts of the week expected to have an ‘arctic flag’ that will bring in colder, frostier conditions, many of us may be wondering when the first snow will reach Northern Ireland.

According to the Met Office, the weather on Tuesday evening (November 2) will feel cold with an increasing northern breeze, with a minimum temperature of 7C.

On Wednesday, conditions are expected to brighten up, but it will remain cold all day with a maximum temperature of 10C.

It’s a similar story for the rest of this week and into the weekend as temperatures will struggle to get over the low teens.

But it is the Met Office’s long-term forecast that gives us greater hopes that winter conditions will soon move into the entire NI.

From 16 to 30 November, the weather forecast predicts that temperatures will be below average for the season, with winter showers.

At present, however, it is not expected that the snow will be widespread.

A spokesman said: “Temperatures are set to be slightly below average throughout this period with an increased probability of winter showers from the north and northwest at times.

“These showers are most likely over high terrain with low risk of reaching lower levels later in the month. Less windy than the previous week, with stormy conditions much less likely than usual.

“There is little evidence to suggest prolonged, widespread solid conditions, as there will often be areas with clouds, rain and showers. Any clear periods that occur leave room for frost and fog as expected for the season. In general, it remains drier than the average.”

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