NOISE: The Ottawa Redblacks hope RNation gives it to the Lions on Saturday

“I’m sure the day before, the day of the game, will be really nice. It’s going to be good to see our fans.”

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The Ottawa Redblacks have not played a regular season in the Canadian Football League game at home since November 1, 2019 for a 42-32 loss to the Montreal Alouettes.

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Now, after a canceled 2020 season and two road games into 2021, the Reds are fired up to come out ahead of RNation on Saturday night against BC Lions. But they do not let their emotions get the better of them. There is still plenty of planning and some juggling before we get to Saturday for a team that wants to take a big step forward offensively.

“We’re just preparing, planning and getting ready to play BC Lions,” Redblacks head coach Paul LaPolice said during a Zoom call Thursday afternoon. “I’m sure the day before, the day of the game, will be really nice. It will be good to see our fans. ”

For Redblack’s quarterback Matt Nichols, it’s about taking the offense to another level – the unit has scored just one touchdown in two games. But there is a big advantage to playing at home. The crowd in Regina last week was particularly noisy and caused problems for the Redblacks offense. Nichols hopes RNation will step up and cause trouble for the Lions.

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Asked what he remembered about entering Ottawa as a quarterback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Nichols said: “There hangs a decent amount against the opposing bench. Hopefully they get in the heads of the lions. It’s a great atmosphere. I enjoyed playing here. It seems like most of the matches I have played here, it happened to be pouring rain. Hopefully that does not happen. It will be great to be in our facility and play in front of our fans. I think our whole team is excited to get out in front of RNation. ”

Nichols had just 71 yards past in Game 1, a 16-12 victory over the Edmonton Elks. In last week’s 23-10 loss to Saskatchewan, Nichols threw 176 yards. Asked if the lack of pre-season matches and a bye week meant that the Redblacks offense would take longer to find its form, LaPolice said: “I do not expect that. It is not that we have not practiced these things. I expect to perform every game we call. We are definitely working on that. ”

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