NFL Thanksgiving ratings: Raiders earn ‘B +’ for shocking cowboys, bears not impress in victory, Saints fall flat

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The most appetizing NFL game was not the first on Thanksgiving Day 2021, but even though the Bears-Lions game level left much to be desired, it gave us a game that was not settled until the final kick. And the Raiders-Cowboys went a step further and needed to be extended before it was also settled on the final kick. As for the Bills-Saints … two close games out of three are not bad.

We took out our red pens and judged all the Thanksgiving Day performances, starting with the Bears and Lions, two of the worst teams in football – and they looked like it. We could not even give the winner an average rating in it, but the Raiders showed plenty of spark in disturbing the Cowboys in a game where they were 7.5 point underdogs, according to Caesars Sportsbook.

All six teams heading into Thanksgiving came after a loss in Week 11, so there was plenty of “get it right” at stake this holiday season.

Here are our report cards from all three Thanksgiving games.

Carries 16-14 over Lions

Raiders vs. Cowboys

Raiders-Cowboys characters by Jordan Dajani (Love the characters? Hate the characters? Tell him that on Twitter.)

Packers-Vikings characters by Cody Benjamin (Love the characters? Hate the characters? Tell him that on Twitter.)

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