Montecito residents are chasing a person who hit a teenager with fireworks

The Montecito neighborhood is one of the quietest areas in all of Burnaby.

I should know – I lived there for five years and my mother still lives there.

But it’s getting more and more dangerous, especially from motorists screaming up and down Duthie Avenue in a ratrunner rage – enough that two people died this summer right in front of the Montecito Elementary. The city is now investigating how to slow down motorists.

And now, on Halloween night, it was bedlam thanks to a clown who lit up some fireworks.

See, I understand people love some fireworks, but when you’re too stupid to know how to use it, it’s downright dangerous.

“There were fireworks at Montecito Elementary on Halloween night,” a resident of the area told me. “The person who turned them on was quite ruthless, and one of the projectiles hit a teenager, another went into a crowd of children as young as 5 years old and barely missed a couple of them. The person who turned them on ran away, after it happened, and the person hides from society – we’re all looking for an apology. “

Like how hard is it to fire a piece of fireworks in the air? Why would anyone target a bunch of people?

No matter who this person was, they are lucky that they were not caught by the mob.

“They were like some idiots,” said another resident. “Just completely stupid behavior.”

Other people were quite upset by the fireworks in their neighborhoods. Kathryn Webb wrote about how it was with the noise that scares her dog.

“On Halloween night, it lasted for hours until well after midnight, and it’s heartbreaking to see an animal in such distress, but I suppose people who do something illegal do not have much sympathy for it. Also this morning, I took a garbage bag out to George McLean Park because I knew there would be trash left; such some seem to think that someone else will take after them. I collected two large garbage bags with leftover garbage from their ‘fun’. In the big picture, this is not a worldwide problem, but once again it is a sign of how our society has deteriorated over time, and that is regrettable. “

I know people want cities to adopt tougher and tougher statutes on fireworks, but they simply will not be able to prevent people from blowing them up, instead we need more education.

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