Mohammed Skaf is likely to be released on parole 21 years after the Sydney rapes

Recently, he has admitted that “perhaps” the victim of an attack in Greenacres Gosling Park did not give consent.


Attorney Joanna Davidson, representing the state, warned in a motion on probation authority that “he does not yet have to take full responsibility for his violation, any change of attitude is very new and the extent of such a change can be discussed”.

Community corrections overseeing out-of-jail offenders and the Serious Offenders Review Council both supported Skaf’s release from custody after completing the Real Understanding of Self-Help (RUSH) program.

“As for the RUSH program, we’ve now done it three times a week, so we have one more week and it’s done,” Skaf told the parole team on Friday.

Judge Frearson warned him: “You have to be very, very careful to avoid problems, you have to cooperate, and if you get parole at some point, you have to strictly adhere to the conditions of parole, otherwise you will come back.”

The chairman said he had given an indication of the authority’s perception of the probation decision, but reserved the decision until Skaf had completed the RUSH program.

The correctional authorities stated that Skaf’s participation in the program has so far been “excellent”, and he successfully participated in the latest work programs outside the prison before being suspended by the COVID-19 outbreak.

When he is in the community, Skaf will be supported by family and work in a family owned business.

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