Metro Vancouver’s wage is $ 20.52 an hour, the report says – well above the minimum wage – BC

A new report says Metro Vancouver’s living wage, the hourly wage needed to cover basic expenses, is much higher than British Columbia’s minimum wage.

A report by the Living Wage group for Families BC says two full-time working parents must each earn $ 20.52 an hour to cover basic expenses such as rent, childcare, food and transportation.

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The BC minimum wage rises on Tuesday

BC minimum wage increases Tuesday – May 31, 2021

BC’s minimum wage is currently $ 15.20 per hour, more than $ 5 less than the living wage.

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The highest increases in all of BC were spending on housing and telecommunications, the report said. In Metro Vancouver, housing costs rose 8.6 percent and telecommunications six percent.

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“The viable wage would actually be $ 2 an hour higher if it were not for things like childcare allowance, Canada’s child allowance, the abolition of the MSP. Various different forms of government policies have actually lowered the living wage. It may be much higher, than it is, ”said Anastasia French of Living Wage for Families BC.

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BC restaurant offers $ 50,000 a year for dishwashers

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“That said, we would like the government to take the same kind of initiative that they have taken in trying to reduce childcare costs and move on to housing, because that is the big problem for all families across. BC, whether you have children or not. “

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BC’s wage in 2021 is about $ 1 per hour more than in 2019. The group did not calculate the wage in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group points out that the wage in all the societies for which it is intended is higher than the minimum wage in BC.

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French said the group wants to encourage more employers to pay staff a living wage.

“We have actually seen a 50 percent increase in the number of paid employers participating in the program this year because they realized that during the pandemic, the most important thing for their success is to make sure their staff is taken care of.” ” she said.

“Also, some employers are struggling to hire at the moment, and they find that paying a living wage is one of the solutions through it.”

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